The Point

Oblio and Arrow from Google Images

‘You see’ he said – ‘it’s not here’
There must be a place I can see?
‘It’s just around the corner there’
‘near the spruce and the tall oak tree’

So off he went to the place
on the other side of midnight
past the standing trees of oak
searching for the promise of light

For the forest was filled with dark things
and the trees seemed to reach out to touch
the deepest of fears rang in his ears
the whole scene just seemed too much

He couldn’t remember the way he came
or even the way he should go
so he trusted his heart to show him the path
and followed where the rivers would flow

As he walked by the falls he felt a soft mist
on his brow would the water anoint
there in his head in the stillest of places
lived the truth that his life had a point

– inspired by Harry Nilsson’s ‘The Point’