Divine Sparks


Photo by gfs – Maui Morning Rainbow

Life in this realm is about being a conscious creator. We are given consciousness as divine sparks to mimic the greater creation. To know and to understand creativity, and connection with the realm, so that we may have the opportunity to expand the universe through the creation of ourselves and our world. Our spheres of influence … Life and death are not the meaning, conscious creation is …

New Moon Rising


Flowers in the sun
as the new moon rises

rich soft brown soil
footsteps flow
with feelings

Were are they bound
as if
some destiny
cannot wait

For the
to recede
in the warm wind 
and the oceans
fill with love

Image: http://www.examiner.com/article/tarot-with-sistermoone-new-moon-rising from NASA ISS 2003

still beautiful


how many ways
has the heart come to know
simple things
far away places
and memories of kisses
before dawn

how can it feel
like yesterday
remembering the wind
in your hair
so long ago

younger days
and summer nights
cannot get lost
as autumn leaves
or forever frozen
into snow

winter is
your beautiful
eyes recalling
these crystal skies
where dreams
fulfill the night

Image: http://selenenintutkusu.blogspot.com/2012_02_01_archive.html

Once upon a time


Once upon a far off land
across a sea so far and deep
There I came to know a name
written on my soul to keep

Ne’er a thought had ever crossed
these regions of the mind
Could have ever given pause
to whom I was to find

Not lost in some embarrassment
nor taken by another will
Her’s a place there written softly
in indigo as stars stood still

In canopies of heaven’s grace
a violet sparkled spacious sky
Forgave the heart of discontent
from one whose dreams sailed by

Exotic ports of call forgotten
longing for a storm tossed sea
A ships wheel lashed before the main
stood watch within her mystery

Forever wind shall call their names
and harbors beckon calling home
The ones who dare set sail toward
those destinies they roam

Image: http://www.askart.com/AskART/artists/search/Search_Repeat.aspx?searchtype=IMAGES&artist=103480