circles of love

“Fragile” – Assateague State Park, MD – photo by gfs

lost in flight
some storm tossed bird
finding reasons
to return to
the air
how to hold on
to the unseen
feels the ether
guides on the wind
one sacred place
still to call home
folding her wings
in the night
waiting again to lift
what remains
of forever finding love

Lavender Skies

“Monarch at rest” – Photo by gfs

Dreaming away days into all things imagined
Long rolling hills wrapped in lavender haze
Waving hello to the wind and goodbye
To the dust from the trail of the traveler

Scents on the wind to remind us of love
Days rolled into nights still beholding
Sweetness and memories cherished without
The heart as near as tomorrow

Where always the hope of colors fulfilling
Shape our unknowing into our ways
To let the believers lie in the morning
Of sunrise and shadows washing our daze

The coming and going of time in our lives
The circles of all we’ve become
Are answers to questions asked long before
The soul could return to find us again