No time to cry

Photo: Boardwalk at Bethany Beach, DE by gfs

Time is all I have to keep
And all now you’ve given up
Faded leaves are washed away
In snow melt seen turning to clay

Rivers run cold as the hills unfold
Letting down in their winter dreams
Maples will fill up-rushing again
For the sweetness of life to become

Was it hard to go with no hand to hold
at the crossroads when waking to dreams
I’ll wonder at this and a thousand things
In the days that are mine still ahead

For today you see I’ve no time to cry
No way to find all the tears
I’ll keep them for you to come when they’re due
In a place and a time left to find

The shadow falls


Is there a shadow cast
By the man in the mirror
In the dream
he runs
unable to fly
Claws on hands
and feet
Escapes to arrive
At some unknown
invited in

Love is the law
Love under will
Care is defenseless
When compassion desires
Asks only to please
The shadow falls long
The sun sets
Night falls
and the dream
long forgotten

Here was a choice
Once was a season
For this
The un-reasoned response
To the tears
For the fears
Are the outrage of life
Scarlet the letters
Written in blood
Of a promise
Made in our name

The forsaken forgiving
of worlds in between
The wound that was opened
and healed
Not by the sutures
In words full of passion
Nor by the balms
of desire
The tomb is laid open
By a hand once wounded
As the way, and the truth
and the light


Fire in the Mind

Reach out to another
and find what was sought
Something unknowing
throughout endless thought

What we should realize
though never kept
How love it came calling
at times when we slept

And never believed
we ever would find
That burning unceasing
a fire in the mind

Until in consuming
all we’ve become
To realize unending
life in One

Father forgive them

Father forgive them
for they know not what they do
one thousand days of teaching
the thoughts of God to man

The lessons of the kingdom come
the dusty roads of earth still burn
lost inside this wilderness
I beseech you quench my thirst

Forgiveness steels a last temptation
to flee the plains of circumstance
where I recall your innocence
and your loving brings me home


The Paradox of Being

light-ness of being
as thought now enfolds
where nature surrounds us
through ages untold

enters life and the living
returning to find
all we once were
now again in the mind

earth wind and fire
consuming the graves
hides truth in the waters
washed beneath waves

like roots within soil
the quick sands of time
are drifting in deserts
of worlds left behind

now forever returning
desire to feel
or a destiny free from
what life will conceal

The Road to Awe

Giant Sequoia –
Yosemite, CA, USA

Sleeping silent with the earth,
roots surround the dreamer still.
Finds a spirit within remains,
and reaches to the sun to raise.

Branches to the sacred light,
giving always love to grow.
Unfolds another tree of life,
who left us still becoming.

In its limbs the sparrow’s song,
takes this fruit on lofty wings.
Into the presence of the day,
a soul is lifted on the breeze.

This is where the road to awe,
began with the departed one.
Wasn’t grief the nourishment,
which gave this seed its life?

The Blue Wave, The Road to Awe – all colloquial expressions of the way life can end, how death can come by the hand of God, or by traveling a road into our destiny – our appointment in Samarra..

The Falls – The Trial By Existence

Interestingly I find people who don’t like Robert Frost, maybe its because he was a New Englander, they are hard to get to know, and even harder to understand, I think its the winters that keeps them bottled up inside. Even if you are not a fan you must read -‘The Trial By Existence‘. His words are mystical, inspired, and in it he reveals many things about our journey here on earth, and the preparation for it.

This then leads to the thoughts regarding the subject line, The Falls … one of the most powerful scenes in film I have ever watched is in ‘Last of the Mohicans’ where after being pursued for hours Hawkeye and Cora are hiding in a cutout behind a waterfall, they know they will be found, and over the cacophony of the waters, he cries out to her – I will find you! – and leaps through the cascade of waters into the river below; to me this symbolizes Frost’s Trial by Existence … “the obscuration upon the earth”, I think James Fenimore Cooper knew this as well.

“But always God speaks at the end:
One thought in agony of strife
The bravest would have by for friend,
The memory that he chose the life;
But the pure fate to which you go
Admits no memory of choice,
Or the woe were not earthly woe
To which you give the assenting voice.” *

Or the woe were not earthly woe … ah, and there’s the rub; if Hawkeye was fully aware of what stood before him, what would be the reason to leap into that waterfall, if emerging on the other side, he knew exactly where to look to find her, exactly what the consequences of his actions would be, what would be the purpose of the journey, of the effort, of the reason for being?

In light of Frost’s depiction of our journey here on Earth, should we ever feel forsaken, or ever wonder why this time, feeling, burden, or joy, has come to us, we might well consider that we had long ago chosen it, seen the very life set out, the choices we could make, the errors possible along the way, and still we gave ‘assenting voice’ to all we would know in this life “Heroic in its nakedness, Against the uttermost of earth”

The same forces that helped Hawkeye in his leap through the falls, and to survive the current at the bottom into a new world, a new life, a new beginning, are ever present to every one of us. We think we are alone, taught to make it on our own. Yet truly, we are always guided, and we should listen with ever finer ears, see with ever clearer vision, feel with an ever softer touch, until we know the truth of this –

“Nothing but what we somehow chose;
Thus are we wholly stripped of pride
In the pain that has but one close
Bearing it crushed and mystified.” *

* & ” – Robert Frost – from The Trial By Existence