Laid Low


Souls delivered into sentences of lifetimes under siege
Ask only for a meal and a reason to believe in this humanity
Faith forever is tested when mines are fouled with blood
Their ghosts left to wander seeking solace on the wind

Image and history of the Ludlow Massace:

Reality is the ultimate oxymoron


I read this not so long ago, and after much contemplation I find not only is it funny, in a certain context it is also true. Let me explain;

Yesterday I read a post on Facebook that contained a story about the New Horizons space probe that is slowly reaching Pluto. In the post this person stated quite starkly that there are still people who believe in magic, obviously alluding to the wonders of science in getting this space probe to the end of the solar system and having it send back visuals of that far off place.

I believe in magic, not the motion picture kind, for if we could manifest thoughts and emotions in the wink of an eye, there would not be much left of this world. Consider the theme of the 50’s Science Fiction picture ‘Forbidden Planet’. In it the Krell scientists built a machine that amplified their thoughts and emotions, and made them real. As a result of this power, nearly overnight their unconscious minds, their ‘Id’, harboring all their hate, greed and jealousy, thoughts they considered buried in ages past, emerged and destroyed their civilization, and for all their science, no one ever knew why.

What then is reality, and why is it the ultimate oxymoron … Jumbo Shrimp, Military Intelligence, sure, but reality? Where is the duality of the oxymoron? Upon reflection I have to conclude that nearly everyone perceives reality as dual, light and dark, love and hate, freedom and slavery, and defines it as existing through the five senses, and in that context the definition of reality becomes ‘physical existence’, and therein lies the rub, the oxymoron.

In that light, of course magic does not exist and miracles are just a confluence of effects that give the appearance of something supernatural. The universe has a beginning and an end, life sprang from a primordial soup out of the chance combination of matter and energy, and life, consciousness, and all its emotions are simply the outcome of that blending and merging of elements and compounds. The thought of this makes me sad. To see the wonder of the universe through the perception of our limited five senses is like looking into a cave of diamonds through a straw, missing all that surrounds that limited field of view.

So I open to the reader this great debate – Is consciousness physical? Is God dead? Is science going to save us, or is religion? Is there no such thing as magic, or is everything a miracle? The varieties of human experience are vast if not infinite. These questions and hundreds more are debated every day, in all the corners of the world.

Should we choose to narrow our thinking to what we are schooled to believe – that reality is just physical existence – then the title line smacks of truth. Or will we open our minds to the fact that this schooling is only the beginning, a yardstick to start the measure of our journey in this realm of consciousness? I have read that on the nightstand next to Einstein’s bed was a much tattered copy of H.P. Blavatsky’s ‘Secret Doctrine’. It would seem then, that the greatest thinker of our time, saw something broader and deeper than sense perception, yet was able to render it down through creative mathematics to that fundamental equation that we all know and have at least a basic understanding of.

Following his example then we should take time to research, reflect on, and understand our purpose, our universe, looking toward light and vibration with wonder – its origins and effects. We need to open our ears to the music of nature and the symphonies of life. If we choose to ask the hard questions, choose to believe and then learn to know, to understand that there is another light behind the sun – one we cannot see with the eyes, then life, reality, is not an oxymoron, but a great mystery. One where art, science, magic, music, and alchemy all blend into love and beauty, into a realm beyond physical design and definition. It becomes a fascinating journey. A destiny in which we are blessed to know and be a part of.


Under world


Were we ever
so broken
where we came to be
lost in a time
far away
deep was the darkness
solemn the dreams
seems no matter
how far
we will search
would not cut
the darkness
of worlds

This was the night
where the soul
never was
or meant
to find harbor
to call home
here was no shelter
or wind
within seasons
leaving hearts
still withholding
letting go
was this life
all of these reasons
for the fall

from some garden
some shelter
from storms
where forever
was found
east of Eden
not far from Rome
to roam
lost horizons
the spaces still wait
waves of reason
settled the ways
and means
gave forgiveness
to be
our only
our own
for someday
some season
to come

into loves
of living entwined
in passion
the full moon
will rise
as a silvery sun
just the same
‘neath the waves
as another
comes round
what thought
left today
into night
for the seeker
to rest
suns setting
in silence

Photo: ‘Atlantis Sunset’ by gfs

Shadows of a New Moon


Shadows of a new moon lengthen
This penumbra of our fate
Slowly weaves a song in longing
Passed beyond the heaven’s gate

Dreams become the shadows longing
For creation’s joy to light
The ever after always turning
What the will has made of night

Orbs and essence blend and merge
Water colored days begun
Sun is rising in the heart song
Setting in the webs we’ve spun

Lies in living listen for them
Where words enfold a different tune
Truth unveils enlightened reason
Wakes the soul into the womb




Sons of the gods
who walk among us
hands to hold
and hearts beyond
the reason
of Saints
and sinners
Words let
the waste
or The Way

Then should
the Father
coming to be
awakened by
in this
summer storm
quiet the thunder
fears revealed
nourish or flood
so feelings
will see

Ghosts ever
Holy, sacred
in glory
or secret
and ancient
in time
this worship
shall empty
love’s longing
water or wine
what Spirits
will be?


No walls

2011-07-06-no walls

I just read this little tale and have to share it:

There are two men in a home for the insane. Together they are planning an escape; They decide that if the wall surrounding the building is more than 6 feet tall they will dig under it, and if it is less they will help each other over it.

The night of the escape, the two split up.
One stays to stand guard, while the other runs off to inspect the wall

The one who went to check the wall returns with a sad look on his face;
“There is no hope,” he says; “We’re stuck. There is no wall”


I’m from Missouri

Not really, but they call Missouri ‘The Show Me State’ and I always loved that expression. When I think about it, aren’t they saying that seeing is believing? But haven’t we all heard that the hand is quicker than the eye, that perception is reality … and just what is reality?

Reality is what we make it. Each of us in our own way builds up a world around ourselves from the first breath to the last, it expands and contracts like all things we observe in life but what we see, what we perceive becomes our reality. How does that affect the outcome of our lives, our dreams, and our desires?

This has been a burning question for me for as long as I can remember, and it has taken years and years of research to uncover some of the basic truths about what is reality. It’s very upsetting to learn that what I had come to know as reality was not what actual reality is.

Let’s touch on the ego, since most will agree that ego defines us, and therefore defines our reality. Underneath the ego is the Id, the deep rooted desires of all the ages past, and the collective unconscious. CG Jung in his writings discusses both of these, and he is best known for his descriptions of the collective unconscious (CU). The point of this discussion on reality pivots on these concepts.

My interpretation of the CU is the thought world that lives within us, and swirls in the atmosphere around us. It is the sum total of all human aspirations, desires, hopes, and dreams, all the thoughts that are taking place at this very moment, massed into a very large soup, the energy of thought that influences every one of us – largely without our even knowing it. (realizing it might be a better expression). A good example of this is mass hysteria. Not just the crowd that gets out of control at a soccer game, but whole populations that seem to lose control. The 1938 ‘War of the Worlds’ radio broadcast comes to mind. One after another person took it all to be true, without ever looking out their windows or contacting someone where this all was supposedly taking place. Unconscious fear becomes conscious fear, and we move away from intellect back into instinct. Wars and conflicts were, as Eckhart Tolle says; “there is a failure to accommodate competing narratives” is another good example running throughout human history.

So here’s my question … Do YOU ever stop to think, to question, to just listen to that news segment again … because seeing isn’t always believing (especially through the looking glass of a television). Knowledge is a powerful thing – and not just the knowledge we can get from the public library. How about the Vatican Library. Can I get a card for entrance to that one? Why can’t I go browse its shelves? Am I really free to know, or am I only as free as I am allowed to be?

So keep this in mind “I’m from Missouri, you’ve got to show me” and show me in a way that I know you are telling me the truth. This should be everyone’s prerogative.

Image: Iceberg 1999 by M A Felton