One Lovely Blog Award


It has been a long while since I have accepted or posted any award, yet for some reason I feel compelled to share this one. I don’t mean to burden anyone with a requirement to repost, so if you find yourself in the list of blogs I follow and recommend, there is no obligation to forward or recommend :-). Just know I appreciate all you contribute WordPress and the world …

Thank you to amommasview for this recognition and I’ll share the basic “asks” of the award:
1) Thank the blogger who recommended you and link back (done)
2) Share seven facts about yourself
3) Nominate at least 10 bloggers you admire, contact them and let them know

Seven facts my readers may not know –
1) I started my career as a VW and Porsche mechanic, today I work in Computer Science –  “The Cloud”
2) I have studied the esoteric sciences almost all of my life
3) I believe in Exopolitics
4) I’m a good cook who grew up in the kitchen
5) I was born under the sign of Scorpio
6) There are times I have believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast
7) I write as much in comments – sometimes more – than I do in my blog.

In light of the last fact you know who you are, so in terms of contact I think that is already done. So the list in no particular order is:

Linda Willows Poetry
Erika Kind
Holistic Wayfarer
Make Believe Boutique
Space, Time, and Raspberries
Tornado Day
Jane Sturgeon
Vela June
The One Thing I Know for Sure

A theme running through each and every one of these blogs is a deep connection to the heart, an intuitive understanding of our connectedness to each other and to the universe; That there are synchronicities being revealed to us in each moment of the now guiding us on our paths … Thank you all and many blessings for your journey!

Versatile Blogger Award

I have to thank Bloggers Growthlines and Eric Alagan of Written Words Never Die for their thoughtfulness and appreciation of the the written word in nominating me – my Blog – for the Versatile Blogger Award – many, many thanks for this recognition.

To share Seven things about myself (not mentioned in elsewhere):
1) I am a Scorpio, with Scorpio rising and moon in Pisces
2) I think that Damian, the Astrologer in the East Village of NYC never finished my horoscope because of that
3) There is no earth in my chart
4) I took up the study of Astrology because of his refusal to deliver, and I am still learning about myself and others
5) I may forget someones name but never forget their sign
6) I had a lock of my hair stolen by two young ladies on a NYC subway at about the same time in my life – they were probably from one of the Islands in the Caribbean)
7) I have vivid dreams almost every night, keep a dream log, but as of yet can’t control them

Now for the hard part,- recognize 15 Bloggers – as there are so many versatile bloggers out there:
novice journal
Life is like a bowl of Gumbo
Darrian Thomas
Four Windows Press
Daily Health Boost
Dark Zone
the alternate economy
Art Epiphany
finding life in death
Scriptor Obscura Writes
Mixing Colors
Golden Giraffes Riding Scarlet Flamingos Through The Desert of Forever
vikram roys blog
spoiled wali

Each and every one of these blogs is creative and diverse in many ways, with a theme that seems to run through every one, they are about healing the self, and others. Each blogger shows a creativity that in another age of human kind would have gone unrecognized. We are truly living in a Global Village