Would there be art
if we did everything
a well as we can

Let life mimic
every note of music
every line of verse
each brush stroke on canvas
every strike of the chisel
(notes on marble)

pause in our lives
(we step away)
looking at reflections
in mind and memory
missing what we did
long for what will be
will it to be art
past tense is practice
the future a dream
every day now
minutes and hours
(ours to love)
hold and let go
each a moment
to give a gift
to life

Photo: Sculpture / Vienna Art Museum / by gfs 10/2019

Empty Vessels

Words fall
seeming to freeze
into colors
eyes lost in lies
through ages

the potter’s hands
have shaped
the forms
of thought
empty vessels
for what they are

filled with sound
the light has made
while dreaming

Photo “Pompeii Uncovered” by gfs 2017

I create …

North American XB-70 'Valkyrie' (Wikipedia)

many stories that go back
to the place where I was born
and I knew that time
and secrets would reveal
all the things I knew before
and all the things I would learn
from others and from lessons
about life and people and places
broken dreams – wishes that came
and went with the setting of the sun
one day I learned there was a woman
and the next day learned
she could leave and never tell why
and then the times in between
never looking back at the scars
of ever wondering why she came
there were places where I hurt
and places where I laughed
and knew the cry of the Valkyrie
and longed for the touch
of a woman who could hear the same
things I wandered looking for
many dreams are built
on days gone by
and I am more complete today
because of them
for thirst is never quenched
in a day nor is a dream
ever complete upon waking

Versatile Blogger Award

I have to thank Bloggers Growthlines and Eric Alagan of Written Words Never Die for their thoughtfulness and appreciation of the the written word in nominating me – my Blog – for the Versatile Blogger Award – many, many thanks for this recognition.

To share Seven things about myself (not mentioned in elsewhere):
1) I am a Scorpio, with Scorpio rising and moon in Pisces
2) I think that Damian, the Astrologer in the East Village of NYC never finished my horoscope because of that
3) There is no earth in my chart
4) I took up the study of Astrology because of his refusal to deliver, and I am still learning about myself and others
5) I may forget someones name but never forget their sign
6) I had a lock of my hair stolen by two young ladies on a NYC subway at about the same time in my life – they were probably from one of the Islands in the Caribbean)
7) I have vivid dreams almost every night, keep a dream log, but as of yet can’t control them

Now for the hard part,- recognize 15 Bloggers – as there are so many versatile bloggers out there:
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Each and every one of these blogs is creative and diverse in many ways, with a theme that seems to run through every one, they are about healing the self, and others. Each blogger shows a creativity that in another age of human kind would have gone unrecognized. We are truly living in a Global Village