The Power of Social Media



A blog – a Web Log – what used to be a journal I kept on my shelf, is now an editorial for the entire world to see. Of late, social media is so much more than a buzz word, and has so much impact on our psyche, that I felt it was time to take a moment and reflect.

First I’ll state for the record – since I have not seen it elsewhere; This recent US Presidential Election will be remembered as the first time an election was won through the use of social media. In the same way that history talks of JFK edging out Nixon because of the famous television debate where Jack simply out-shined Tricky Dick. Camp Hillary was totally unprepared in the realm of social media for the onslaught of carefully directed information from the Trump camp.

I use the word information deliberately. News is information, songs are information, Facebook is information, so are novels, and magazines, and satellite radios. Information is not truth. Let me say that again – Information is not truth. When I hear a term like “fake news”, I have to ask myself – who determines what is truth, or fake. By nature, people can say anything. One often hears that a convicted murderer says he didn’t do it. One can say anything. Words have meaning only in the sense of how they are absorbed into the consciousness of the listener, the reader, the receiver. Words are not truth, words are symbols. Without going to Webster – I learned and have taken the time to understand and accept that truth is something that stands the test of time. Yet even this concept is tenuous when the average human lifespan is barely 100 years. A truth held up before us through any sort of media can certainly outlast a human century. Was the Civil War about slavery or was it about States’ Rights and self determination. Don’t take sides, or jump to conclusions because you think you know the truth. Do the research and understand what started it, what was used to enhance the cause, and what was written into the history books by the victors.

We live in a remarkable time where communication has become instantaneous, and often overwhelming. Herbert A Simon is quoted as saying “What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention…”. Social media, and its abundance of information is proving this day in and day out. Whether it is someone rear ending the car in front of them because they are Tweeting at a traffic light, or a student falling down the steps at school catching up on Facebook between classes. We are so overwhelmed by information from Facebook, Twitter, CNN, MSNBC, RT, InfoWars – pick any 1000 other sources – that our attention is decimated, so we short circuit mentally into our emotion based belief system, accepting facts based on learned behaviors, casting aside, often valuable information, that does not fit our paradigm, our world view, our value system. With this in mind things really get interesting!

Social Media makes each and every person who has access to the internet, a copy editor in their own right. Each of us have the opportunity to share our information, our values, our accepted truths, without censorship. Each one believing that what they publish is gospel, because it is what we believe, and given that we are taught to live in a world of duality, we mostly take sides and face off on against the other. Social media becomes sport, even if you don’t have an athletic bone in your body!

The Power of Social Media – The people running the campaigns in the US knew this, only one group was far better at it than the other, and the results bear witness to this. By using the poverty of attention principle it was (and continues to be) possible to focus people on emotional content that fits their accepted paradigm, as opposed to well vetted truth, or meaningful, well supported, documented, footnoted, clear and concise information, the kind we used to get from newsprint prepared in morning and evening editions by professional journalists. The Bernstein and Woodward kind.

Twitter has 140 word character limit. Unless adept at Haiku, one cannot tell a story in this short span, but one can certainly choose words that will evoke some serious emotion, which coupled with thought generate feelings, and then more words. It’s fabulous, brilliant, it’s as if someone, somewhere really got McLuhan’s “Understanding Media” concepts and rolled it out on an unsuspecting public, enamored with their toys, looking for words to publish, feeling every word they thumb type, totally distracted by too much information.

Social Media makes everyone a copy editor, and, I bet that has a lot of well educated journalists and copy editors pretty pissed off. All the degrees, the internships, the deadlines, the sweat and tears to make it in the news room, and anyone who can get their hands on a smartphone can publish anything they want. Truth, lies, injustice, it does not matter. The medium is the message, truth be damned, let’s throw more information at the poverty of attention.

How do we cope? What can we do? It is so divisive, there is no filter on social media, and to create one starts arguments against the first amendment. Being in the computer business for most of my career I have seen the advent of email and texting, and have often been amazed at how the barriers come down when the eyes (and ears) are no longer involved in the conversion. There was an app called “Phone” on the computers I used in the 80’s and I quickly learned that it was very easy to use innuendo and suggestion to get others to reveal their true feelings. AOL’s IM was the same way, and texting has now put it in everyone’s hands. Be careful what you text for, you may get it! Texts are undercurrents, social media is skywriting by comparison.

What is the power? It gives and it takes away. I have to say honestly, that it is very hard to track news anymore. I follow the sources I have always, but then have to spend time researching the news and understanding the sources, and especially the emotional content and what is NOT said in the report. Just like the days of the Iron Curtain, it is difficult to determine what is going on on the other side of the darkness. It is easy to make the sale if the customer is anxious to get on to the next thing. In sales, the one with the most patience wins.

This is how it is used against us, we don’t know for certain, so we need to consciously slow the pace, lest the horse get away from us, and we get knocked to the ground by a tree branch! Opinions are emotional content. While they are stirring to read and reply to on social media, does it serve any purpose other than to make you feel good or bad? I have never been in a argument with someone where they changed their mind at the end. Eckhart Tolle called it ” a failure to accommodate competing narratives”. Social media is not a sport, there are no winners or losers at our level. As long as we compete with each other, we lose and the ones who are driving the worlds economies are winning. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

How do we use it to create positive change? Stop competing with each other. Social media is not debate club! That club was very small in High School, no one was standing at the door clamoring to get in. Get educated – read the constitution – do you have a copy? Understand the structures of government, don’t discuss “isms” without understanding them and the reasons they came to be. In many cases they work well. Discuss history – even if it was written after the fact, and learn the facts that aren’t in the history books. There is so much access to good information today it’s almost fun do do the reseach. Know the sources of information, there is a counter culture today that is uncovering information that never made into Encyclopedia Britannica. Ask questions … Why do you feel that way? What would make things different? And most of all, in my mind, remember the words of Jon Donne … every man’s death diminishes me, for I am involved in mankind. Therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls – It tolls for thee!

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Consensus Reality – Proceed with Caution


I know it has been some time since I have written an article of any length, but there is a time for all things, so for these words, their time has come. Beware of consensus reality! I have to credit Tom Montalk with bringing this and several other cautionary tales to my attention.

As human egos we are fond of the idea that we live within an accepted and acceptable norm, that we define and believe is our reality. It is the sum of experience based on the guidance of the world around us, taken in and processed through our senses. Pause just for a moment and consider sight – what you are seeing and accept as reality is the interpretation of the instrument of the eye, carried to your brain, and interpreted based on the sum total of all the experiences stored up in your neurons from a time somewhere before your first breath, when the brain and the eye started to cooperate and coordinate these things. Our senses then, create our reality, given definition by consensus with the brain, which keeps track and coordinates every experience we have ever had through our senses, creating thoughts, emotions, and feelings (a subject for another blog).

So the first consensus is the brain with the sense organs. Most readers would agree that our reality is made up of the summation of experiences of the five senses, interpreted by the brain and given shape as our world view. That’s an over simplification though as we leave out an important factor, captured in the word – interpreted. How do we know that what our senses perceive as reality is the true reality? Is there a larger spectrum of experience that we are totally (or just about totally) numb to? Here is where this entire concept of consensus reality starts to strike a cord, and because of such, I will loose some readers here, as now we border on the meta’s and the para’s of life

Modern science has its accepted and associated definitions – by consensus – of its field of operations: psychology, and physics for example. Described and integrated in textbooks and university courses and degrees, based on the sum total of sense experience of the learned ones, taught as fact. If we delve into the world of parapsychology, and metaphysics – we suddenly create cognitive dissonance with the consensus, and have to take a bold stand against the tide of consensus in order to break new ground or even allow our own thinking to progress in a different direction.

Take for example Electricity – It was discovered in the 19th century, by the great observers and thinkers of that time, and with that there was a consensus built around their discoveries that has remained relatively unchanged in nearly 200 years now. It is both a blessing and a curse that what they discovered was hugely practical, but also that the practicality of electricity has narrowed our thinking about it to the point that very little original thought, or review of these innovators original experiments has taken place since then. We have the conservation of energy law as a consensus.

Consensus has value, but it is not truth, and therein lies the paradox of living in this world. We need to be cautious about what we accept as truth, and we need never be content with the consensus, as it is just as the word implies, an accepted truth, not the ultimate (or real) truth. Some have even said reality is an illusion, but that is the subject for another day.

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Fifth Floor – Santa Claus

NYC Holiday Bling
Photo by Theodora Brack –
Paris: People, Places and Bling

A dollar for your thoughts, not a penny, and here’s why. We are not talking about the far away look on someone’s face that prompts the old time saying. The idea here is far more subtle, so subtle in fact that most of us don’t know it, don’t see it, and in many cases couldn’t care less.

Let’s pause for a moment and ask ourselves, what time is it? Not the time of day, but the time of year; The Holiday Season, the Christmas Season, the season of joy and peace. Yet, how much of the news and the advertisements on television, in the papers and magazines, and now, even on the internet pages we visit hour by hour, have been about Joy and Peace, about brotherly and sisterly love, about taking time out to remember the Spirit of the Season? Not much. Yes there is some, but the overwhelming majority have been about shopping, about buying and giving (meant getting) gifts – merchandise, where the root of the word is merchant – a world as old as human memory – of salt caravans crossing sun baked deserts – merchants hawking their wares for a profit, not a prophet.

I’m asking you – the reader – to pause for a moment, look at the season, look at the setting sun, racing lower and lower towards the horizon. Watch the daytime slowly become the least, the night become the longest, and our sun stand still in the sky for three days at the winter solstice, before beginning its rebirth and ascent again to the equinox and the solstice of summer. Does that give you awe? Even without any knowledge of celestial mechanics, to imagine the sun pausing and rising again, without any influence of our own, other than to spectate at the miraculous, has to give us pause.

We must in whatever way possible, or sensible to our own life, take moments each day to pause and reflect on the world, on life, meaning, and consequence. Ask questions about yourself, your life, the world, and look at meaning. It is so simple, so easy to overlook, and yet so peaceful and joyful to behold.

In closing I promised a fellow blogger from Paris I would find and post the poem that is the title of today’s blog. After months of searching through old boxes here it is;

Written in the winter of 1972 while working as a cashier at Alexander’s Department store in New York City, on a night when I was sent to fur storage – The words are as true today as ever –

5th Floor, Santa Claus

Wayward winds in ceaseless sales
Empty holds of chemical memories
Sweat salt stench fills the head;
Numb to simple vibes
and battered vacant stares
… This season of joy and peace causes wonderment

May Peace, Joy, and Wonder fill your days this season and always!

No man is an island – The Hundredth Monkey

There are times of doubt and hesitation in all our lives, and as many times we are sure of the next choice, there are double the times we choose without a thought, or are driven by some divine wind in a direction we may have only considered, yet found ourselves on that course regardless.
What of the wind and waters, and what of their parallels in our lives. A little research finds that wind is a representation of the mind, and waters the emotions. Therefor as a poet, or a writer should know, whenever those symbols are present in the verse, then the mind is calling, and the feelings are running deep like the tides under a full moon.
Thought, feeling, and emotions are the stuff of our lives, regardless whether we choose to see it or take the time out to understand. Life has a message for each and every one, and it is often shouting at us, with a voice falling on deaf ears, only filled with the question – Why is this always happening to me?
What sense does it make for this writer to answer the question, if it isn’t obvious already there is little I can say to change your mind.
Such is the paradox of the writer, for all that we wish to share, there are only the parallels in nature through which we can communicate in words, with the hope, that like the tide it will lift all boats. Yet some are sieves and some are balsa, so we write, again and again. Metaphor and simile, words painting sunsets in the mind, or dreams of everlasting loves over the horizon, and hope for tomorrow when there is little that can be done, but to wait for it.
These are our dreams, to reach into the heart of the reader, and share our thoughts, our feelings, and emotions, dreaming that a lifetime of learning will conjure a bit of magic somewhere in time.
There is a book called The Hundredth Monkey, and in it is the story of how an isolated group of monkeys learns the secret of washing the sand off a sweet potato it had found and loves to eat. As the knowledge spreads through the group on an isolated island more and more learn the way. Even though some refuse, others learn, and pass the knowledge on. There comes a tipping point -the hundredth monkey- that learns the technique and suddenly monkeys across the water on the mainland know the secret to washing the potato.
I have realized this is the secret, this is the purpose when there seems to be none. For if I am to pass the dream of the writer across the waters to the mainland, it cannot be done alone. Through sharing the words, the poems, the verses and song, the artists, the musicians, the writers, all those who create dreams in others minds, will continue to push the threshold of the hundredth monkey, and one day the last bomb will fall silent, and the last sword will drop from the hands of anger and fear. This is our purpose…

there are waters
and there are dreams
hopes are not forsaken
when the light of day
leaves them in shadows
as each new moon passes
and the sun sets
there in the silence
of the mind
does the moonrise remember
that the tide flows
forever in water
or in blood
and the choices
made today
are the destinies
we are building
for tomorrow

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Reality is the ultimate oxymoron


I read this not so long ago, and after much contemplation I find not only is it funny, in a certain context it is also true. Let me explain;

Yesterday I read a post on Facebook that contained a story about the New Horizons space probe that is slowly reaching Pluto. In the post this person stated quite starkly that there are still people who believe in magic, obviously alluding to the wonders of science in getting this space probe to the end of the solar system and having it send back visuals of that far off place.

I believe in magic, not the motion picture kind, for if we could manifest thoughts and emotions in the wink of an eye, there would not be much left of this world. Consider the theme of the 50’s Science Fiction picture ‘Forbidden Planet’. In it the Krell scientists built a machine that amplified their thoughts and emotions, and made them real. As a result of this power, nearly overnight their unconscious minds, their ‘Id’, harboring all their hate, greed and jealousy, thoughts they considered buried in ages past, emerged and destroyed their civilization, and for all their science, no one ever knew why.

What then is reality, and why is it the ultimate oxymoron … Jumbo Shrimp, Military Intelligence, sure, but reality? Where is the duality of the oxymoron? Upon reflection I have to conclude that nearly everyone perceives reality as dual, light and dark, love and hate, freedom and slavery, and defines it as existing through the five senses, and in that context the definition of reality becomes ‘physical existence’, and therein lies the rub, the oxymoron.

In that light, of course magic does not exist and miracles are just a confluence of effects that give the appearance of something supernatural. The universe has a beginning and an end, life sprang from a primordial soup out of the chance combination of matter and energy, and life, consciousness, and all its emotions are simply the outcome of that blending and merging of elements and compounds. The thought of this makes me sad. To see the wonder of the universe through the perception of our limited five senses is like looking into a cave of diamonds through a straw, missing all that surrounds that limited field of view.

So I open to the reader this great debate – Is consciousness physical? Is God dead? Is science going to save us, or is religion? Is there no such thing as magic, or is everything a miracle? The varieties of human experience are vast if not infinite. These questions and hundreds more are debated every day, in all the corners of the world.

Should we choose to narrow our thinking to what we are schooled to believe – that reality is just physical existence – then the title line smacks of truth. Or will we open our minds to the fact that this schooling is only the beginning, a yardstick to start the measure of our journey in this realm of consciousness? I have read that on the nightstand next to Einstein’s bed was a much tattered copy of H.P. Blavatsky’s ‘Secret Doctrine’. It would seem then, that the greatest thinker of our time, saw something broader and deeper than sense perception, yet was able to render it down through creative mathematics to that fundamental equation that we all know and have at least a basic understanding of.

Following his example then we should take time to research, reflect on, and understand our purpose, our universe, looking toward light and vibration with wonder – its origins and effects. We need to open our ears to the music of nature and the symphonies of life. If we choose to ask the hard questions, choose to believe and then learn to know, to understand that there is another light behind the sun – one we cannot see with the eyes, then life, reality, is not an oxymoron, but a great mystery. One where art, science, magic, music, and alchemy all blend into love and beauty, into a realm beyond physical design and definition. It becomes a fascinating journey. A destiny in which we are blessed to know and be a part of.


New eBook release – Their Sacrifice – by Peter Anthony

Their SacrificeReflections on the Wall_text
Released in February of 2015 is a compilation of poetry written in recognition of all those who have served their country in the Armed Forces. It is a recognition of their sacrifices, by sharing their stories through poetry that I have written over the years. Some are told from hearing first hand experiences, some are reflections of things read in books and magazines, and all are given here so that every citizen, or every nation, understands the sacrifice that is asked of these extraordinary men and women, who wear a uniform in the service of their country.

No fault in our stars


As we approach 2015 we all take time to reflect on the previous year, and to look forward to the new one. The reality is our focus should be on today, this eternal moment of now.

Hark! The Herald Angels sing, glory to the new born King.

Did the Sun just start rising again in the sky, or was there some magical moment, faded into history, some two millennia ago, recapitulating into our post modern ritual reenactment of the Solstice story and the precession of the equinox. I wonder sometimes why our planet, our mother earth, spins on a polar axis that is inclined by 23.4 degrees, and why does the moon’s face always look the same? Of course there are physical explanations to these things, the physics of the precession of the equinox is not hard to understand if one is inclined, but it is not really necessary to know how or why it does in the light of living in the present moment. Unless of course you believe in Science as our Savior.

As a child I was an aspirant to the sciences, a believer – if you will – that all things great in our lives came to us through science and the scientific method. That we, as rational beings, using rational thinking, could solve any mystery, reach any height, and indeed, in my lifetime we did. Men walked on the moon – unless of course you believe it was Hollywood. Science cured Polio and Smallpox, smashed atoms and cities with atom bombs.

When I consider our reverence for science in the modern world it takes on the persona of a new religion. Yet do we keep the old rituals, our houses of worship, our daily prayers and weekly worship to assuage our guilt, and pretend we have not broken the commandment to put no other God before thee?

The pragmatist is thinking right now that science is not religion, there is no god in it, we do not worship it. It is a tool perhaps, a way of service to lighten the burden of humanity. Feed the masses, cure disease, light the world. Science is not our god, it is our servant. Yet, my concern is we take care in that way of thinking, in accepting that belief, in allowing ourselves to be coddled by this parent that gives us too much comfort, so our lives can be better, more fulfilling, and have more meaning. Consider the sacrifices we have laid before the altar of science for all its seeming blessings.

I had heard the word Transhumanism in passing. Lately more and more, enough to feel it knocking at my door, like Poe’s Raven, with a promise of nevermore. Its mystery leading me to wonder, and to learn more about it. I have found it to be the application of science to the human expression of itself. Using the conscious mind to create a new version of the human being. It is a concept where we can make conscious choices of our options at birth, in life, and for life extension. There is no doubt that organ regeneration, instead of transplants, and the cure for many diseases has it’s virtues, but as with all things human, our desires – especially for profit – always run far ahead of our reason, and our laws. Imagine an eternal youth, full of endless sexual indulgences, and drunkenness. Or a Universal Soldier, with replaceable parts and a switch on it’s conscience, to fight the forever wars on drugs and terror. Let your imagination run wild, with all you desire about your body and that is what Transhumanism promises. Conscious creation has many promises and many pitfalls. Consider the ego and its desires; It is hard to imagine science getting this new human projection right, and even harder to imagine that it will be shared equality among all people.

I wonder, instead of trying to consciously design a replacement for our experience of humanism, that we reach back into ourselves and discover the truth of our design and purpose, synchronize with it, and allow the universal expression of consciousness to take its course without our conscious meddling in it. Science delivers many wonders to us in the physical world, but time has come for us to know we are Spirit, we are love, divine sparks incarnate, and have everything we need to complete our Spiritual journey into life and beyond it. Centuries ago, before the printing press, people could memorize entire works of scripture. In the East Doctors are paid to keep people well, not only to heal them, and acupuncture recognizes the subtle energies that course through our biology.

Humans do not need to be re-invented, re-created, melded into a cyborg appliance to become who or what we think we should be. Instead of trying to invent something we imagine we need to be, we should take all of this thinking, building, creating, and look at what we are, in this moment, where we came from, and where we are going. There is so much to this universe, this creation, that we are conscious within. We need to look beyond the senses, beyond the ego. The question transhumanism is trying to answer exists outside ourselves. The answer to our purpose, to our meaning, to our reason for being, will  be found inside, through the connection we all have to each other, and to eternal consciousness, to Spirit itself …

May every day, every moment of your New Year be blessed with the knowledge of our perfection in Spirit, our oneness in Life, and the eternal truth of Love …


The Nature of Reality

spiral rose
Poetry is so much easier to for me to write than prose, for in prosaic writing, there needs to be a concise form of words, so that the author’s mind blends accurately with the mind of the reader, regardless of the contrast of thought and the consequences it invokes or evokes.I had thought of using the title “Really?” but felt it was vague, and probably better for a poem, so The Nature of Reality will do nicely.
I haven’t got this pegged yet, but I do have some thoughts I would like to share, and if you dare, then meditate on them and see if they hold true for you.
I suppose I should begin with science, and the scientific view of the nature of reality, which is – Nature – and the natural world as viewed through the senses – which is where it ends. Now, science will reflect on the world through the process of thought, it will analyze what is sees, measures, hears, and smells, but will not allow the aspect of thought, often confused with mind, to influence its outcomes other than it being a chalkboard on which it reduces its findings to the lowest common denominator for publication. That’s not to say one wouldn’t receive an argument over that fact, but the truth is, in general, according to modern science if it can’t be measured it doesn’t exist, so using that perspective I might be drawn to conclude that thought does not exist …
There are flaws in my argument, and I would only feel well received if I got feedback attesting to that fact, so let’s continue and ‘see’ if we can find our way down into and then out of the proverbial Rabbit Hole – for in truth it does exist! Lewis Carroll was on the right track even if his story seems an absurd fairy tale, the reader, as Alice, needs to take a look at the nature of their own reality, and check it against the stories reality, and is given the opportunity to decide where truth lives, and where it lies. In a similar light Carlos Castanedas in A Separate Reality reflects on our human experience as a dream, and takes the reader on journeys as real as if they were happening right here, right now, except they all take place within the mind, or do they?  Time after time, journeying into the separate reality Carlos Castanedas returns to himself as changed as if he had journeyed across the Himalayas to a Tibetan monastery spending long hours in ascetic meditation and prayer, where thought and experience changes his perspective of reality.
spiral galaxy
There is no right answer here, there is only perspective, and it is important to understand the nature of the word. A perspective is the viewpoint of the observer, the place where one receives information that will be distilled into the nature of their reality. I had occasion recently speaking with a first grade student to be gifted with her their perspective on the letter g. We discussed at length why the hook of the letter had to go left instead of right. My answer being that we need a way, a set of standards, so that when we communicate we can understand that we are all talking about the same thing. In that regard the nature of reality, is simply a set of standards we can all use in order to commune – icate while experiencing what we call life expression through our physical self, in our bodies.
It would seem then that the nature of reality is the reflection of experience accepted within our individual psyches in order to establish a common language in order that we may understand one another, and our intentions through experience in the light. What we accept should be considered a broad generality of common goals and aspirations, and not a hard and fast ruler that allows no other set of measures, for without the experience of abstraction, without the ability of our thought and our mind to view an ever expanding whole, then we are at odds with the universe around us. One that never stands still, never remains the same, and least of all never accepts what is, against the perspective of all that could be … there is no such thing infinity plus one …
spiral flower

Note: This blog entry started out with a thought, and I soon came to realize that a discussion of the nature of reality would require a volume if not more, so perhaps this is where it begins. Thank you all for your patience…

The end never came …


I have to write some commentary tonight as this is the dawn of a New Age, and no one seems to be all that interested in it, when the reality is that we have now dodged the prophesies far too many times to not have someone – gfs 😉 – at least mention it in passing.

I will always remember sitting in the bar at Centereach Lanes, drinking pitchers of beer and listening to Barry McGuire’s one hit wonder ‘Eve of Destruction‘. So many have waited, and waited, and waited, for the end to come, and time after time they were disappointed.

Strangely enough some might say, the end has not come, but why? Even the Shamans were predicting it, and still it never came …

I’ll postulate this as theory, since proof, in an esoteric sense carries very little weight in the scientific mind — Slowly – ever so slowly, but in numbers significant enough to make a difference, we are finding our hearts, we -The People – are now at a point in the evolution of consciousness, that we are realizing and taking to heart, what the Worldly Philosophers have been telling us for ages and ages; We are all connected, what affects one, affects us all.

I was watching a film of the tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma, and for the first time, due to the pervasiveness of cell phone cameras with video capabilities, that whirlwind was filmed from start to finish. There is film of it forming, touching down, tearing across the land, and then simply spiraling up into the clouds … gone! Now, science will tell us there are a hundreds, even thousands of factors that cause the formation of a whirlwind, and every word they publish is true, only they miss the hidden factor, the most fantastic power in the world, – the human heart – I wonder why there are so many who have covered up in bathtubs, and bathrooms, who emerge safely when the structure is completely torn away. Or why the school teacher who huddled with her students and shouted over and over “By the grace of God, go away” and it did …

What grace lives within us to keep us safe, what great power, given to us by the creator, allows us to survive, and even thrive, when the world around us seems to be bending always toward that Eve of Destruction.

It is the heart, not the mind that saves the world – Time after time the asteroid that whizzes past the planet, never makes it nearer than the edge of the atmosphere. Why? Only the Almighty, and the Heart knows. Technology is of the mind. Love is of the heart. Which power are you willing to bet your life on?


Hands around the world


In my mind I imagine this blog, and all the others I follow on a daily basis, as hands that reach out and touch each other circling the globe with a new way of thinking, a New Thought if you will, that is ushering in a time on the planet, that will be like no other. I find in people’s words a theme that runs through so many nations and cultures – that Love is our destiny. A love that runs deeper than the heart can know, higher than the mind can reach, one that finds each and every one of us connected by Spirit. We are a family – The Human Family – Spirit Man – the ones who walk between worlds, and share the very breadth and depth of our existence, through a web that the Hopi Prophecies predicted hundreds of years ago;
Someone dies and we are all saddened, one is born, or celebrates a birthday, and we are all filled with joy, one is hurt, and the outpouring of compassion is enough to heal the most incurable wound. I could never have thought that entering the blog-o-sphere would be such a rewarding, no that is too selfish – such a sharing, and caring experience. So on this night March 27, 2013 – somewhere in time – I am sending this tiny flash of thought to remind us all of these simple truths, and to say thank you, and offer blessings that I know at the very moment you are reading this are circling the globe with Love and Light!