The paradox of consciousness – part II


The paradox of consciousness continues to be an enigma in view of world events and the presence of the human condition today and throughout what we call recorded history. History as a descriptor is a vague understanding of that has gone on in the past relative to the conditions of present status quo – but bear in mind, that the very act of cataloguing human events is a matter of consciousness relative to the passage of time, and the interaction of human beings with their total environment, not just each other but the natural world – seen and unseen.

Carl Jung made us aware of the term archetypes for good reasons, for we live in a world of thought as much as we would want to believe that we only live in a world of matter. Your current act of reading these words is thought, and in that thought is the creative work of organizing my thinking, my words into your present consciousness, and allowing them to manifest as you will – (free will). Don’t mistake the map for the territory, when it comes to thinking, and also the reverse – the territory for the map! Thinking is reality as much as reality is thought – which is a paradox of consciousness.

Do we dream our life into existence? I would venture many will agree with this in some way or another, but in most cases it would be limited to concepts like – I wanted to vacation in Maui, so I imagined myself there – did the research, booked the flights, and the hotels, got myself to the airport, was transported to paradise, and the dream was made real. All well and good, but let’s not limit the creative power of the mind, based on a misconception of consciousness; That all encompassing, Spirit, soul, body, creation of the reality that surrounds us.

Stepping back – Science would have us believe that our bodies come into being by the very natural process of procreation, gestation, and birth. No argument there, but wasn’t thought involved? Idealistically – Two individual consciousnesses decided to create a family, created a union, and brought their dream into their presence. Or, at the very least two horny people fucked at the perfect time of the moon, and human egg was fertilized, to be born in a time, in rhythm with nature. Both were thought forms, granted one might be considered more noble that the other, but none the less, it was a thought that brought forth these creations.

We cannot measure Spirit because Spirit cannot be measured. As stated in the Tao Te Ching – The Tao that can be spoken of is not The Tao. Most people – even scientists believe in a higher power, and this is were the paradox begins, as belief is not knowledge – so we profess faith to be the knowledge of things not seen, and by founding our religions on it, we propagate the paradox. The modern human (and by modern I mean the current human consciousness of any age) wants to know the truth, yet too often accepts the lie in believe as the same thing, and could quite readily die in a war fighting for it. The very first human right – perhaps the most important human right, is the ability to ask questions and be allowed to find answers that are not a matter of consensus, but are a matter of truth to an individual’s mind.

Oppression is a violation of this very natural condition of consciousness, to question reality, to be curious about the world around us, to look at the clockwork of the universe and ask why, then being allowed to freely seek the truth in your own way, in your own time, without conflict or criticism other than constructive argumentation. Perhaps this is what the philosophers were after, and what has become obscured by university exams, and the dogmas of higher learning. The paradox of consciousness is not that we are less learned than ever before, it is that we question less and less what we learn as truth and in doing so accept more and more of what the senses tell us, rather than what the soul of things speaks so clearly through Spirit. As Gibran said so succinctly “We are eternity gazing at itself in the mirror.”


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Consensus Reality – Proceed with Caution


I know it has been some time since I have written an article of any length, but there is a time for all things, so for these words, their time has come. Beware of consensus reality! I have to credit Tom Montalk with bringing this and several other cautionary tales to my attention.

As human egos we are fond of the idea that we live within an accepted and acceptable norm, that we define and believe is our reality. It is the sum of experience based on the guidance of the world around us, taken in and processed through our senses. Pause just for a moment and consider sight – what you are seeing and accept as reality is the interpretation of the instrument of the eye, carried to your brain, and interpreted based on the sum total of all the experiences stored up in your neurons from a time somewhere before your first breath, when the brain and the eye started to cooperate and coordinate these things. Our senses then, create our reality, given definition by consensus with the brain, which keeps track and coordinates every experience we have ever had through our senses, creating thoughts, emotions, and feelings (a subject for another blog).

So the first consensus is the brain with the sense organs. Most readers would agree that our reality is made up of the summation of experiences of the five senses, interpreted by the brain and given shape as our world view. That’s an over simplification though as we leave out an important factor, captured in the word – interpreted. How do we know that what our senses perceive as reality is the true reality? Is there a larger spectrum of experience that we are totally (or just about totally) numb to? Here is where this entire concept of consensus reality starts to strike a cord, and because of such, I will loose some readers here, as now we border on the meta’s and the para’s of life

Modern science has its accepted and associated definitions – by consensus – of its field of operations: psychology, and physics for example. Described and integrated in textbooks and university courses and degrees, based on the sum total of sense experience of the learned ones, taught as fact. If we delve into the world of parapsychology, and metaphysics – we suddenly create cognitive dissonance with the consensus, and have to take a bold stand against the tide of consensus in order to break new ground or even allow our own thinking to progress in a different direction.

Take for example Electricity – It was discovered in the 19th century, by the great observers and thinkers of that time, and with that there was a consensus built around their discoveries that has remained relatively unchanged in nearly 200 years now. It is both a blessing and a curse that what they discovered was hugely practical, but also that the practicality of electricity has narrowed our thinking about it to the point that very little original thought, or review of these innovators original experiments has taken place since then. We have the conservation of energy law as a consensus.

Consensus has value, but it is not truth, and therein lies the paradox of living in this world. We need to be cautious about what we accept as truth, and we need never be content with the consensus, as it is just as the word implies, an accepted truth, not the ultimate (or real) truth. Some have even said reality is an illusion, but that is the subject for another day.

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A Tragic Discord


Photo:  USS North Carolina – by gfs

Being Conscious
Self awareness and foresight brought (…) the awesome gifts of freedom and responsibility. Man feels free to execute some of his plans and to leave others in abeyance. He feels the joy of being the master, of the world and himself. But that joy is tempered by a feeling of responsibility. Man knows that he is accountable for his acts; he has acquired the knowledge of good and evil. This is a dreadfully heavy load to carry. No other animal has to withstand anything like it. There is a tragic discord in the soul of man… Theodosius Dobzhansky (Geneticist)

Fifth Floor – Santa Claus

NYC Holiday Bling
Photo by Theodora Brack –
Paris: People, Places and Bling

A dollar for your thoughts, not a penny, and here’s why. We are not talking about the far away look on someone’s face that prompts the old time saying. The idea here is far more subtle, so subtle in fact that most of us don’t know it, don’t see it, and in many cases couldn’t care less.

Let’s pause for a moment and ask ourselves, what time is it? Not the time of day, but the time of year; The Holiday Season, the Christmas Season, the season of joy and peace. Yet, how much of the news and the advertisements on television, in the papers and magazines, and now, even on the internet pages we visit hour by hour, have been about Joy and Peace, about brotherly and sisterly love, about taking time out to remember the Spirit of the Season? Not much. Yes there is some, but the overwhelming majority have been about shopping, about buying and giving (meant getting) gifts – merchandise, where the root of the word is merchant – a world as old as human memory – of salt caravans crossing sun baked deserts – merchants hawking their wares for a profit, not a prophet.

I’m asking you – the reader – to pause for a moment, look at the season, look at the setting sun, racing lower and lower towards the horizon. Watch the daytime slowly become the least, the night become the longest, and our sun stand still in the sky for three days at the winter solstice, before beginning its rebirth and ascent again to the equinox and the solstice of summer. Does that give you awe? Even without any knowledge of celestial mechanics, to imagine the sun pausing and rising again, without any influence of our own, other than to spectate at the miraculous, has to give us pause.

We must in whatever way possible, or sensible to our own life, take moments each day to pause and reflect on the world, on life, meaning, and consequence. Ask questions about yourself, your life, the world, and look at meaning. It is so simple, so easy to overlook, and yet so peaceful and joyful to behold.

In closing I promised a fellow blogger from Paris I would find and post the poem that is the title of today’s blog. After months of searching through old boxes here it is;

Written in the winter of 1972 while working as a cashier at Alexander’s Department store in New York City, on a night when I was sent to fur storage – The words are as true today as ever –

5th Floor, Santa Claus

Wayward winds in ceaseless sales
Empty holds of chemical memories
Sweat salt stench fills the head;
Numb to simple vibes
and battered vacant stares
… This season of joy and peace causes wonderment

May Peace, Joy, and Wonder fill your days this season and always!

So Many Temples

Considering our response to actions of others …


Sequoia National Park

In the song ‘Empty Garden’ Elton John’s memorial to John Lennon there is a line that states ‘He’d have said that roots grow stronger if only he could hear …’ Do they? It is an interesting paradox of life that yes, roots grow stronger, when they are nourished, but nourishment can be of different kinds, and that is the paradox. If we nourish hate, then the roots of hate grow stronger. If we nourish love the roots of love grow stronger.

There is the Hermetic axiom, “As above, so below”. So here we can compare the context of the roots, and the tree. We see it every day, both literally and figuratively. The roots grow stronger the tree grows stronger. Love, hate, or indifference. Each of us has our roots, and from these roots we create the foundation of our lives, our knowledge and acceptance of the impression of the…

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No man is an island – The Hundredth Monkey

There are times of doubt and hesitation in all our lives, and as many times we are sure of the next choice, there are double the times we choose without a thought, or are driven by some divine wind in a direction we may have only considered, yet found ourselves on that course regardless.
What of the wind and waters, and what of their parallels in our lives. A little research finds that wind is a representation of the mind, and waters the emotions. Therefor as a poet, or a writer should know, whenever those symbols are present in the verse, then the mind is calling, and the feelings are running deep like the tides under a full moon.
Thought, feeling, and emotions are the stuff of our lives, regardless whether we choose to see it or take the time out to understand. Life has a message for each and every one, and it is often shouting at us, with a voice falling on deaf ears, only filled with the question – Why is this always happening to me?
What sense does it make for this writer to answer the question, if it isn’t obvious already there is little I can say to change your mind.
Such is the paradox of the writer, for all that we wish to share, there are only the parallels in nature through which we can communicate in words, with the hope, that like the tide it will lift all boats. Yet some are sieves and some are balsa, so we write, again and again. Metaphor and simile, words painting sunsets in the mind, or dreams of everlasting loves over the horizon, and hope for tomorrow when there is little that can be done, but to wait for it.
These are our dreams, to reach into the heart of the reader, and share our thoughts, our feelings, and emotions, dreaming that a lifetime of learning will conjure a bit of magic somewhere in time.
There is a book called The Hundredth Monkey, and in it is the story of how an isolated group of monkeys learns the secret of washing the sand off a sweet potato it had found and loves to eat. As the knowledge spreads through the group on an isolated island more and more learn the way. Even though some refuse, others learn, and pass the knowledge on. There comes a tipping point -the hundredth monkey- that learns the technique and suddenly monkeys across the water on the mainland know the secret to washing the potato.
I have realized this is the secret, this is the purpose when there seems to be none. For if I am to pass the dream of the writer across the waters to the mainland, it cannot be done alone. Through sharing the words, the poems, the verses and song, the artists, the musicians, the writers, all those who create dreams in others minds, will continue to push the threshold of the hundredth monkey, and one day the last bomb will fall silent, and the last sword will drop from the hands of anger and fear. This is our purpose…

there are waters
and there are dreams
hopes are not forsaken
when the light of day
leaves them in shadows
as each new moon passes
and the sun sets
there in the silence
of the mind
does the moonrise remember
that the tide flows
forever in water
or in blood
and the choices
made today
are the destinies
we are building
for tomorrow

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Reality is the ultimate oxymoron


I read this not so long ago, and after much contemplation I find not only is it funny, in a certain context it is also true. Let me explain;

Yesterday I read a post on Facebook that contained a story about the New Horizons space probe that is slowly reaching Pluto. In the post this person stated quite starkly that there are still people who believe in magic, obviously alluding to the wonders of science in getting this space probe to the end of the solar system and having it send back visuals of that far off place.

I believe in magic, not the motion picture kind, for if we could manifest thoughts and emotions in the wink of an eye, there would not be much left of this world. Consider the theme of the 50’s Science Fiction picture ‘Forbidden Planet’. In it the Krell scientists built a machine that amplified their thoughts and emotions, and made them real. As a result of this power, nearly overnight their unconscious minds, their ‘Id’, harboring all their hate, greed and jealousy, thoughts they considered buried in ages past, emerged and destroyed their civilization, and for all their science, no one ever knew why.

What then is reality, and why is it the ultimate oxymoron … Jumbo Shrimp, Military Intelligence, sure, but reality? Where is the duality of the oxymoron? Upon reflection I have to conclude that nearly everyone perceives reality as dual, light and dark, love and hate, freedom and slavery, and defines it as existing through the five senses, and in that context the definition of reality becomes ‘physical existence’, and therein lies the rub, the oxymoron.

In that light, of course magic does not exist and miracles are just a confluence of effects that give the appearance of something supernatural. The universe has a beginning and an end, life sprang from a primordial soup out of the chance combination of matter and energy, and life, consciousness, and all its emotions are simply the outcome of that blending and merging of elements and compounds. The thought of this makes me sad. To see the wonder of the universe through the perception of our limited five senses is like looking into a cave of diamonds through a straw, missing all that surrounds that limited field of view.

So I open to the reader this great debate – Is consciousness physical? Is God dead? Is science going to save us, or is religion? Is there no such thing as magic, or is everything a miracle? The varieties of human experience are vast if not infinite. These questions and hundreds more are debated every day, in all the corners of the world.

Should we choose to narrow our thinking to what we are schooled to believe – that reality is just physical existence – then the title line smacks of truth. Or will we open our minds to the fact that this schooling is only the beginning, a yardstick to start the measure of our journey in this realm of consciousness? I have read that on the nightstand next to Einstein’s bed was a much tattered copy of H.P. Blavatsky’s ‘Secret Doctrine’. It would seem then, that the greatest thinker of our time, saw something broader and deeper than sense perception, yet was able to render it down through creative mathematics to that fundamental equation that we all know and have at least a basic understanding of.

Following his example then we should take time to research, reflect on, and understand our purpose, our universe, looking toward light and vibration with wonder – its origins and effects. We need to open our ears to the music of nature and the symphonies of life. If we choose to ask the hard questions, choose to believe and then learn to know, to understand that there is another light behind the sun – one we cannot see with the eyes, then life, reality, is not an oxymoron, but a great mystery. One where art, science, magic, music, and alchemy all blend into love and beauty, into a realm beyond physical design and definition. It becomes a fascinating journey. A destiny in which we are blessed to know and be a part of.


Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

This is a call, a statement of reality, of truth that is inviolate, knowable, and a lifetime of searching that has only opened the door and allowed a seeker inside. Beyond the door is a new dimension, and as surely as there was this portal that opened, there is an infinity of passages from place to place, and realm to realm.

I cannot, and do not, wish to impose my thinking, or my world view upon anyone. My only purpose is to shine light into darkness, and re-assure those who have traveled a little less far, that there is Light upon the path, and one only needs to follow the prompting of the soul in order to find it shining greater and greater into our days.

Sadness is a disease we have created to describe the way we have forsaken all the greatness of experience by living the way we do. We have been taught since our earliest memories can conjure, to follow rules, to speak when spoken to, work hard, and accept what we get. While all of these are ethics that can build character, they should not be shackles that bind us to a life of repetitiveness and drudgery, interspersed by binge vacations that are no less taxing than our work, schooling, or other daily requirements of being in the world.

Let There Be Light in whatever vibrational expression it was uttered at the beginning of time as we perceive it, is an expression of a covenant between the prime creator and creation, allowing a connection to exist through eons and ages, from that place, to this present moment. It is forever reminding us of our connection to all there is, within and without, revealing we are truly stardust. We are the universe gazing at itself in the mirror!

Time is the relative motion in consciousness, compared to the relative motion of the background of experience. We think we see in time, we have a measure of time on the clock, hands in motion, as our hands are in motion. Relativity defines time as the fourth dimension, but who can do the math, and even greater, who has the ability to check the math? Quantum physics is delving into ideas of a hyperverse and multiverse, trying with their great machinations of both theoretic mathematics and engineering to define the root cause in a language that simply cannot be known in this consciousness, and therefore will forever remain theory, always and only, conjuring some semblance of the greater truth.

Dr. Raymond Moody, who has done extensive research on Near Death Experience, after hundreds of interviews with people who had NDEs, saw a remarkable similarity between the descriptions of each and every one. It was not the place they went to, or the light they saw, the people they met, or the reasons they returned, it was the common realization that time was no longer a fact, no longer had any meaning, in the world they entered into. Any attempt to describe it, face to face with him, back in the breathing, heart beating, presence of our existence on Earth, caused them to feel that no matter how hard they tried they could barely convey the magnitude of the moment. Words did not suffice to give it meaning. It was a point and it was infinity all at once.

Let There Be Light is as profound a sentence as one can utter. Except for the rare occasion when it is read or quoted from scripture, does it ever cross our lips, or our mind? Standing before the sunrise, does wonder at the sight of it embrace our thoughts, or does the waking into the realm of all our memories of yesterdays, and plans for tomorrow, silence this everlasting reminder of the moment of creation for another day. Why do we allow it to slip away, swallowed up in our time, appointments that must be met, places we have to be, while we continue to think we are alive in the world?

To be continued …

Photo: Sedona Sunset by GFS

New eBook release – Their Sacrifice – by Peter Anthony

Their SacrificeReflections on the Wall_text
Released in February of 2015 is a compilation of poetry written in recognition of all those who have served their country in the Armed Forces. It is a recognition of their sacrifices, by sharing their stories through poetry that I have written over the years. Some are told from hearing first hand experiences, some are reflections of things read in books and magazines, and all are given here so that every citizen, or every nation, understands the sacrifice that is asked of these extraordinary men and women, who wear a uniform in the service of their country.

The Patriarch

This is the transcript of the eulogy I gave at the funeral service for my wife’s father who passed four years ago today.

Victor surrounded by Family 2007

Victor surrounded by Family 2007

Admiral “Bull” Halsey said after the Battle for Midway Island that “…there are no great men, only ordinary men, forced by circumstances to do great things”
Some warriors never see the battle field, but instead they are given life, and all the ordinary circumstances that will make them extraordinary people… That will make them heroes to families who sit in places like this today – recalling all the times they spent together. Times with their husbands, fathers, grandfathers, friends and neighbors. Memories, that in their minds will always be larger than life.
I think then that heroes are ordinary men who accept the circumstances of their own lives and do great things …

the Seasons of Life

There are so many things we’ll still see
steely eyes, compassion and anger
Hallowed hands that shaped our lives
Sunny days of youth, bus stops and beaches
life, in all the places where we grew ~
The birthdays, marriages, and christenings
Learning, laughing and crying out loud.
All the ways we were family,
And times we wondered if we were friends?

There’s a voice we’ll still hear in many words:
The war is over, you’re going home –
to Roses, to children dancing
and Maggie’s back in town.
Beaches where oceans will whisper – just float!
And telephones ringing
waking with sarcasm stinging
Lennon sisters swinging
Miller’s band
and Mets games on TV.

And the scents of the seasons will linger
Christmas evergreens and sugar cookies
Thanksgiving turkeys, apple pies
lilacs, lilies, roses red ~
and new mowed summer lawns.
The smell of sweat
that burns the eyes
as sawdust flies
building our lives
and our families

Yet, most of all our hearts will keep
each day and every way we felt
Our pride, returned with pride
Each hurting from a fall
The comfort of the arms and hands
The jester and the smile
All of this was his to give
The Patriarch
Who kept us all within his heart
Who now, forever, and always
will live within our souls

In the film “Eat, Pray, Love” – they talk about the Italian word ‘Atraverssiamo’, meaning “let’s cross over”
Today, we all cross over into a new place, one where we follow the way Vic lead for us, the way an ordinary man does extraordinary things. Rises at 5 AM to take a train to NYC, to drive a bus, walk a beat, working split shifts, to raise a family. Spends scores of years doing the ordinary things that when I look around me here, I see have turned to into extraordinary achievements.
And, I know that when I listen in the quiet of my mind, I will hear the sounds of seabirds, carried on the wind, where he rests along the shore, of an ocean we call – Eternity …

May the Almighty grant his soul eternal rest,
and may this family always be blessed with
his strength, his peace, and his love

Thank you Victor, for all you have given to this world,
Peace be with you always,