Electric Blue

June 2021 Solar Eclipse Sunrise – photo by gfs
take hold of the electric air
too cold to burn
too blue to feel
the stream flowing into our lives

What waxed wings did Icarus fashion
to soar into the sunlight
Was his hope to find beauty
greater than his own love

The Sun’s rays turn to moonlight
melting before our eyes
casts these shadows of our own naming
our own designs on living

Falling to earth
did Adam find his path
Where the gates from Eden opened
into the gates of hell

Was there no other than the human
Lost forever waiting to be found

The Wind Listens

Lahaina, HI – photo by gfs

Wasn’t it thunder woke the child
On a storm shaken night in the wood
After flashes of fear cast its shadows
Flashed on rain splattered windows

Voices call crying asking for answers
Turnings are hollow and filled with remorse
Footfalls seem strangely awakened before
All of the memories scuttled and falling

Reverberations remaining bring shivers to bone
Reflections of summer’s tides ebb to the sea
Reason recalling the shadows and light
Recanting the proof found written in clay

Is there another place to call home
Not an hour or minute left to spare the remorse
Seasons return as a gift out of time
Borne on the voices heard by the wind

To Touch the Sky

Photo by gfs

We are the wind
as are the pines
breathing the light
casting shadows
on the life they leave
beneath them
as if forgiveness falls
with every needle
into a blanket of love
nurturing new earth
outside of time
knowing no ebb
of the seasons
only whispers
and rhythms
of boughs singing
in the wind
her roots rising
through grace
to touch the sky