Lost in time

Cedar Beach, Long Island, NY – Photo by gfs

how can the sun
be setting in violet haze
reminding us of leaving
of long goodbyes
standing in the wind
waves washing over
the shorelines of our lives

still the distance sings
in echoes long forgotten
words in falling leaves lay drying
under autumn limbs
giving up their color
to eyes reflecting memories
of some long ago embrace

returning ever after seasons
here together lost in time
feeling warmth with our reason
hands still held in memory
knowing portals lie beyond
still believing answers told
searching for a long road home

there is no other way to go
no other dream to find alone
the movements of a love we shared
and sleeping left to find
the truth within us lost without
between the heartbeats counting all
the minutes and the hours

3 thoughts on “Lost in time

  1. This is beautiful, Peter. People speak of love lost, and there was a time when I thought I understood what they meant. But I’ve come to a better understanding, and whether it’s true or only my truth is of no matter. I realized that I had never lost a thing and all that I loved, I do. Whatever I held, I carry still. It carries me. If it could be lost, then maybe it never was. How much of love is squandered to the dread of losing it? ❤

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