Lost in time

Cedar Beach, Long Island, NY – Photo by gfs

how can the sun
be setting in violet haze
reminding us of leaving
of long goodbyes
standing in the wind
waves washing over
the shorelines of our lives

still the distance sings
in echoes long forgotten
words in falling leaves lay drying
under autumn limbs
giving up their color
to eyes reflecting memories
of some long ago embrace

returning ever after seasons
here together lost in time
feeling warmth with our reason
hands still held in memory
knowing portals lie beyond
still believing answers told
searching for a long road home

there is no other way to go
no other dream to find alone
the movements of a love we shared
and sleeping left to find
the truth within us lost without
between the heartbeats counting all
the minutes and the hours

Paradox of Consciousness 5

“Land, water, and air” – Ocean Beach, MD – photo by gfs

Does consciousness begin or end, and how do we know we are – conscious? Through the course of our existence there remains, always the paradox of consciousness – being aware of itself – conscious of being conscious, and does it obscure itself?

The best analogy is the fish being in the water. Is there any awareness of the all that surrounds them. Clues maybe, such as being hooked and pulled through the surface and into the air. Or for cetaceans, always having to surface to fill their lungs with air, and perhaps to renew the awareness of their surroundings. When do we come up for air? Is it when human consciousness finds itself aware of itself, aware of the process of looking at nature and feeling, realizing, the connection; the link that is broken somewhere in our learning to be. Realizing that we are connected to nature, and in that we are all connected to each other. The earth is us, and we are the earth. Or as the whale surfaces to breathe, is our first glimpse of heaven only when the spirit emerges from the confines of the body through existential experience, possibly for the first time only in death?

How are we to know, to understand, the distinction of consciousness when it is only through its awareness can we know. It is, in a sense mystical, yet when fully immersed in sense perception, if we allow an understanding, a separation to take place between awareness and feeling, in that middle ground, between body and mind, we feel the reverberations of consciousness, of eternal beauty.

This then is the mystery searched for over ages of time, the philosophers stone, the Holy Grail, the wisdom of the ancients. No matter how far we search we will never find it until we look within. Our heart and our mind in a flash (of consciousness) come to know we are, they are wholly separate, and always, wholly (holy) one.

Scientists search the depths of space, and the depths of the microscope for what? For what they already know, consciousness creates the universe, even as a consciousness creates an awareness of, and even still is – the universe / multiverse. What is being revealed is that the real world, the true awareness is a Quantum world, lines of force we call reality are constructs of consciousness, not the reverse. The universe (multi-verse) did not happen to unfold consciousness. Consciousness has forever been, and will ever be. The endless varieties of experience are its coming into existence, expression, to know itself forever for the first time. A cosmic, all surrounding, great cycle, consciousness being its own creation, in the paradox of time …

The Last Temptation

Reblog for Easter 2021


(Updated from Easter 2012) In the spirit on Nikos Kazantzakis’ book The Last Temptation of Christ, I came to imagine the carpenter, perhaps in the forests of Lebanon, searching for lumber and pausing to know the sanctity of the place, sitting there wondering, knowing, what was to transpire and proceeding with the work; A destiny he would carve into the wood.
Being a Roman citizen the carpenter was well aware of the rules, of the taxes, and the administration of the law, but as a Rabbi he also knew what belonged to Rome and what belonged to the Almighty.
In the years of his ministry he cast his nets on the waters of our emotions, and brought many souls to the shores of salvation, yet just as many slipped away. He dreams of their return to heaven, yet knows it must be their will, not his, that brings them…

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