Lavender Skies

“Monarch at rest” – Photo by gfs

Dreaming away days into all things imagined
Long rolling hills wrapped in lavender haze
Waving hello to the wind and goodbye
To the dust from the trail of the traveler

Scents on the wind to remind us of love
Days rolled into nights still beholding
Sweetness and memories cherished without
The heart as near as tomorrow

Where always the hope of colors fulfilling
Shape our unknowing into our ways
To let the believers lie in the morning
Of sunrise and shadows washing our daze

The coming and going of time in our lives
The circles of all we’ve become
Are answers to questions asked long before
The soul could return to find us again

The Path Forward

Saratoga State Park, NY – Photo by gfs

How do we heal our hearts
Wondering where we stand
In a forest lamenting
the rise and the fall
Of greatness and simple endeavors
This too shall pass
as pages written into history
For the ages of time on earth
Still we remain
With our works and our ways
Seeking hands to guide
Our path through the trees
and shadows

Anchor the Light

Saguaro Cactus, Tonto National Forest, AZ – Photo by gfs

days turning endless
sounds seeming hollow
clouds mask the sun
winds wither words

from voices of violence
as time will not stand
or yield to the footsteps
uncaring of love

destinies written
before time began
in the breathing
and breaking of hearts

ours to remember
held in our hands
the unfolding
of memories lost

no refuge or harbor
to anchor the light
to the dreams
of another goodbye

Dreaming in Color

“Still Life” Created by using Waterlogue on iPad – Original photo by gfs

dreaming in colors soft umber fades
into a grey waking dawn of release
hollow the echo rings in my ears
of all that remains in the light

memories distilled in seasons of being
spring times and flowers unfold
welcome to vases of lovers remain …
in the heart as the colors of love

stillness the moment, substance of thought
sadness unsettled fades with the day
there she beheld the rhyme and the reason
given to Angels to share as they will

her heart has the answers hidden in colors
rose petals touched by the essence of light
sweet the refrain of fruit in the summers
of walking within the ancient of days

Blood Sacrifice

“Brass eternal slave to mortal rage” (WS) – Gettysburg, PA – Photo by gfs

The innocents of man
Sons and daughters
of virgin mothers
Taught the way of war
Pour their blood out
on wheat fields and cotton
to a jealous god
whose mighty sword
beaten from plowshares
left its farrow in their hearts
as tears fell for the fallen
When true believers
took up their truth
to their ruin

A violet dream

Summer Sunset – by gfs – image editing using Waterlogue on iPad

What dreams are felt
while waking hours
pass in seams of time
Where other days
and nights
are folded in
the margins of
the pages

Where was I
I thought I was
Within another
Then turned
my eyes to see
the shadow
sink into
what was a
violet daze

All of this
poured through sheets
of rain upon the wind
while hushed
the sound of
curfews broke
the hold
of hands that held
the lazy life
in lonely