How do we account
for our loneliness
In a world suspended
from a thin wire
of hope

What are the dreams
we feel forsaken
the longings of the heart
left lying at the door
to life

Where is the wisdom
Forgotten in the realm
of rhyme and reason
in pluses and minuses
we believe

When shall we see
it is reason that left
us looking for answers
to questions
ever (never) more

Each is the dream
we came here to see
and each the shadow
cast on the land

Hope is the knowledge
of things not seen
as faith abides
in the heart
of our love

Photo – Maui Sunset – by gfs

Echoes in the heart

For all the years
we have walked
the earth
in times and trials
asking questions
never answered
still wonder
at the birth

Of what the heart
has given up
in learning
of the truth
that love remains
a quiet place
where heart songs
will refrain

Under a spell
of words without
a feeling handed down
to such a place
where dreams return
a place once lost
is found
and there we love
forever more
echoes without
a sound

Photo – “Reflections” near Colorado Springs, CO by gfs