No time to cry

Photo: Boardwalk at Bethany Beach, DE by gfs

Time is all I have to keep
And all now you’ve given up
Faded leaves are washed away
In snow melt seen turning to clay

Rivers run cold as the hills unfold
Letting down in their winter dreams
Maples will fill up-rushing again
For the sweetness of life to become

Was it hard to go with no hand to hold
at the crossroads when waking to dreams
I’ll wonder at this and a thousand things
In the days that are mine still ahead

For today you see I’ve no time to cry
No way to find all the tears
I’ll keep them for you to come when they’re due
In a place and a time left to find

14 thoughts on “No time to cry

  1. taking care of my mom 24/7 I don’t find find time to cry… then I take one of my walks with Dakota and tears will flow…though silent, I grieve for my life I once had, then I cry because I feel guilty for thinking like that..t hen…there stands Ms Willow, struggling to survive in a lot that has her surrounded by left behind trailers that she has grown through.. life is a struggle, each year we face our moments reality, we cry, grieve for whats left behind then something…someone ..somewhere shows us its okay and we stand up, take one step at a time and move on. I notice after all most six years here, I have stopped looking back so far, I have sifted through the memories, where the tears are now for the pain I feel beneath my feet for Mother Earth….and the Willow trees trapped in mankinds mess

    I love your thoughts…Thank you for sharing
    I hope all is well in your worlds these days
    Take Care…You Matter…

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