Left for dead


Do not confuse the god of dogma with Source / Universal Intelligence. We are in the midst of a crisis that goes mostly unrecognized in the day to day, unless one were to stop and reflect on our subtle social changes in the decades since two World Wars and the advent of Keynesian Economics. Take a drive past your local church(es) on Sunday morning, and then take drive past your local gym franchise, and compare the cars in the parking lot. There is a remarkable shift in our attention from the spiritual to the physical.

To be more accurate, the shift is more from the dogma of religion to the practicality of living in a modern technocratic society. Religion is largely belief based – A way of thinking that has been passed up by a large portion of the worlds population in favor of sense based reality. A way of thinking, that given any proof it accepts a falsehood as truth. That a science capable of ending all life on earth with a nuclear exchange, has or will have the ability to save our lives – especially when the desperation of a looming disease and death sets in. All we need to do is be able to afford the cure. We have renounced miracles in favor of the tangible scientific cures. We have sold our souls for thirty piece of silver that are supposed to bring us the physical blessings we think we deserve for following the path of the world.

I refer back to my article on Transhumanism and encourage the reader to become familiar with the concept and the name Ray Kurzweil. The debate rages on (or not) but trust that slowly, almost imperceptibly, the human race is usurping its divine right of free will, by accepting that technology will save our souls. Believing the ego to be our everlasting self and by saving the body we save ourselves. There is a war going on today, completely unnoticed by most of those wrapped up in the day to day, simply because the media, especially television, and now the internet, have so fully absorbed the attention of nearly everyone. Television is not truth, it is not real life, not even close. For example, tune in an older color movie from the 60s. Peoples’ teeth were natural, slightly flawed, and showed the true color of their age. No actor or TV personality today has anything less than pure white, bleached, teeth. How many times in a evening of cop shows do we see gun fire on television, compare that to how many times we see it in real life? Most never do, and yet we are shocked and awed when bloodshed comes to our home town. When dozens are killed in random acts of violence. They are not random, they are our collective unconscious surfacing to show us that all in not right in the state of Denmark. We need to go outside and smell the roses. What we may find there is that many things out there stink.

Regarding the title – Left for Dead – and drawing on this stream of thought. What if as Elon Musk, among others, has stated publicly that AI (Artificial Intelligence) becomes commonplace? Based on the description of the word, AI is all about machine learning, so for everything a machine’s array of sensors detects, and every input / output it participates in, it learns, grows, becomes more intelligent. Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity is the point of convergence to where machine intelligence and human intelligence reach equivalence. Then who – or what – continues to grow? It is described as the point where knowledge doubles moment by moment. Except where is that knowledge and how is it used? Left for dead is the point where the creators must leave the planet, for their only hope is that their creation runs out of juice, that one day they can return when the AI has burned itself out, has run it’s course

Did the God’s leave us for dead? Were we their AI that got out of hand, forcing them to leave us behind. Who is watching and waiting? In that light are we destined to repeat the past?

Image: https://www.skyimagelab.com/kaguya-earthrise-pan.html   

11 thoughts on “Left for dead

  1. Thank you Mr. Aldino, for so eloquently and succinctly identifying how we, as a culture, have adapted our thinking to talk about only the symptoms, not the causes, of our de-evolution. Without looking ourselves squarely in the mirror and embracing this ideal, we may never again regain the momentum needed to move forward as a culture.

    • Nature has a way of showing us, yet there is so much depth to these dimensions one cannot predict where we will end up as a culture … Odd how the root of that word is cult. Is this what we really want a cult? Some wait for salvation to come – A Savior from the skies … The Savior is already here, and lives in us!

  2. I am quite certain that much of what was offered up as fiction in the Celestine Prophecy has become reality. Not long ago, I stopped at Walgreens one morning to pickup a few greeting cards. Some 30 minutes later, I was finally checking out with far more than what I came in for. The clerk laughed, ‘don’t feel bad; it happens to everyone’. ‘Yes, it does……we get so distracted by stuff we don’t need that we forget our purpose in being’……. And yet, I believe (NO – I know) the soul remembers. We only need listen. ❤

  3. Yes, the answers lie within us. There is a such a desperate need for a ‘fix’ that investment in material gods and technology is the drive for so many. Like a collective herd rushing off a cliff. SatNavs in cars instructing people where to go and now ‘boxes’ that interact in homes. All this to aid life….when the divine spark is already within. ❤

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