A Hard Rain’s A-gonna fall…

I need to apologize and reflect on why so much time has gone by, life events, or just days melting into the past, makes me wonder about myself and my shadow.
I cannot write / publish to WordPress using my tablet, even though that is where I spend most of my time reading these days. Yet as many reviewers of eReaders note, a tablet is a terrible distraction, a book does not have a web browser built in, and there is no YouTube to drift into.
I am a fan / follower of Marshall McLuhan, ever since I heard “The Medium is the Massage” many years ago, after it was produced in audio form by Columbia special records.”There ain’t no grammatical errors in a non-literate society”
There are many distractions to my life in recent years, not the least of which is our relocation from New England, back to New York. Only this time not Long Island, but the foothills of the Helderberg’s in what has been called the “Burned Down District”. It is a region of the state where so much of the Revival Movement took place in the 19th century. Along the corridors of the Iroquois and the Mohawk, Leatherstocking region, and only a few hours drive from Herkimer Diamond Mines, and Palmyra, the place where Joseph Smith found the (in)famous Golden Tablets, that started the LDS movement.
In a sense I feel I belong here, yet I miss the ocean. I replace the smell of salt air, with fields of grass, and decaying leaves turning to clay, and layers of million year old slate.
I hike the Helderbergs, and have become friends John Boyd Thatcher State Park and its Indian Ladder trail, a huge escarpment that overlooks the Mohawk Valley, with sights that have stood unchanged for eons of time.
To the east Vermont, and the Green Mountains, to the north Saratoga and Fort Ticonderoga, Lakes George and Champlain, and the Adirondack Mountains – the foundation of some of the oldest rock on the face of the planet. Being a Scorpio I am absorbed in my work, having been laid off in 2016, and starting a new position as an IT manager at a local company in 2017. I’ve realized I’m good at what what I do, or best to say what I put my mind to, so whether it is IT , or blogging, it generally comes across well.
So, you see, there are distractions from my blog, yet I realize more and more, that in this time and place, this blog, this pseudonym of grandfathersky, is a calling, a way to share that “still small voice” with the world at large, even if at times it feels that I am singing to the choir.
So my friends, in so many words, I have been distracted, yes, I continue to write, and yes, I will share those words with the world, again, and again, and again … From my heart I say “Thank you” all for caring, for your many returns to the well. For those who thirst, like the Springs at Saratoga, there is always a new source of water finding its way through the shale to the light …

Photo : “The Dunes Sunrise” gfs 2018

20 thoughts on “A Hard Rain’s A-gonna fall…

  1. I watch the tides and feel our connection, no matter if words flow between us, or not, Pete. You have flowed gracefully with so much change and transformation. Hugs xX ❤ xXx

  2. Good to see and hear from you again. Changes can interrupt the flow, but we always seem to get back to writing when something calls out to us.

    I wish you luck with fewer distractions!

  3. I’m a Scorpio, too, Peter. And I so get what you say about being absorbed in my work being good at what I do. I also find that I circle around between interests and passions. Scorpio is a “fixed” sign and sometimes we resist change, but with wisdom comes a better ability to embrace the changes, or at least accept them.

    I’ve set aside blogging and photography, at least for now, and have returned to some other passions – piano and weaving. But my work as a P.T. and Rolfer continues to be a grounding thread with continued opportunities for growth.

    I look forward to reading your insights whenever you find the time and inclination to share them!


    • As a Scorpio, then you know, and I’ve read it is even harder as a woman. A computer keyboard for a piano is a very good trade! Music is the foundation of creation. Even the Bible says – In the beginning God “said” let there be light. First was the word, the voice, the vibration, the music of the spheres! It is also a good way to release the energy you accumulate from being a PT, I can see why you find the ocean so cleansing … Thank you, and be well!

  4. Peter, good to read your post! I’ve missed you, but understand about distractions of life.
    Am also a Scorpio so doubly understand. Being retired I do have more time for blogging, but lately writer’s block has become a problem.
    Anyway, will look forward to your posts when you do have the time. I especially love your poetry.
    Take care, my friend. ♏

    • Joni Mitchell is a Scorpio… so you see where the creativity can take us. I thought For the Roses was one of here best records. Ludwig’s Theme. Writers block is hard, not because we can’t write, but because we don’t know what to write about. I like to speak of the heart, and find I can feel what others feel, and then tell their story. My poem Survivors Guilt is like that. I read a lot about Khe Sahn, so much that I was glad I was never there, yet wrote about it as if I were, tho, it could never compare to those who were, it still gives them a voice. Have you seen Ken Burns “Vietnam”? It is very powerful… I may retire next year, depends on the deal I can cut with EOne. Hope all is well. I have to post a picture of a gorgeous old oak in the yard where I work. I named it Sebastian…

      • I too love Joni Mitchell’s work. So many great songs, it’d be hard to choose a favorite.
        Re writer’s block – with me I have lots to write about, but chronic pain and depression (since losing my younger son nine months ago) make it hard to concentrate. Most of my poetry comes from personal experience, so maybe that limits me.
        No, I haven’t watched the Vietnam documentary but my husband recorded them. He’s a Vietnam vet with PTSD and a Purple Heart, so it was hard for him to watch. And in fact I don’t think he did watch them all. But he doesn’t delete them either….
        Hope you’re able to retire when you’re ready! Will watch for Sebastian the Oak Tree. 🙂

      • Betty – There are so many therapies now for chronic pain, I hope you find someone who an help you heal. So sad to hear of your son, there is no greater loss for a mother … I hope your husband finds solace in the company of friend from the war. It is the only place they feel free. Has he read At Hell’s Gate by Claude Anshin Thomas? It is a powerful work. Sending healing waves your way … Peter

      • Thank you for your healing thoughts, Peter. I’ve tried everything for the pain over the last 20 years but acupuncture and other alternative treatments were the only things that helped. Insurance doesn’t cover them so am stuck. Can’t take pills (and don’t want to). Meditation is one thing that helps and at least that’s free. 🙂
        Will mention that book to my husband, thank you. He was in the same platoon as Oliver Stone, BTW. Stone’s medic in the movie Platoon was based on Dave and one other medic. Stone actually called him many years ago to discuss it. Of course the movie was all Hollywood, but it was real enough that Dave couldn’t watch it. He did read the book.
        Anyway, thank you again for your kindness. Truly appreciated! Wishing you well in your work and your writing.

  5. ‘Singing to the choir’ is a lovely expression and one which resonates with me – and if only the choir is listening, so be it – your thoughts and the way you put them are there for the gathering. I wish I could send you some ocean smells. I know from my 40 year exile from the sea how much longing can build. I like the sound of Sebastian. 🙂

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