The shadow falls


Is there a shadow cast
By the man in the mirror
In the dream
he runs
unable to fly
Claws on hands
and feet
Escapes to arrive
At some unknown
invited in

Love is the law
Love under will
Care is defenseless
When compassion desires
Asks only to please
The shadow falls long
The sun sets
Night falls
and the dream
long forgotten

Here was a choice
Once was a season
For this
The un-reasoned response
To the tears
For the fears
Are the outrage of life
Scarlet the letters
Written in blood
Of a promise
Made in our name

The forsaken forgiving
of worlds in between
The wound that was opened
and healed
Not by the sutures
In words full of passion
Nor by the balms
of desire
The tomb is laid open
By a hand once wounded
As the way, and the truth
and the light



4 thoughts on “The shadow falls

    • Hi, Betty – Been on a job search since November, so my schedule, and creativity have been off track. Also lost my sister to her cancer in January, so that was difficult too. Good news is that I just finished my first week at a new position so things should start getting back to normal (…discretionary time…) real soon. I want to change up my home page a little, make my books more prominent, and get the two eBooks onto paper as well. Hope you are doing well, and thanks for asking!

      • Good to hear back from you, Peter. I’m so sorry to hear about your sister. My condolences to you and yours.

        On the other hand, glad to hear about the new job! Will look forward to seeing more of you when you get some time on WP.

        Things going much better here now that we’re settled in new digs.

        Best regards!

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