Would I Dream


Of moments
hands to hold
and lace once pressed
against my cheek
Wondering at hands
on the clock
Round and round
life filling
the fleeting seconds
Tucked away
in memories
or dreams…

Are these echoes
from the hills
Long ago passages
Footfalls on dusty roads
and shivers
from a June seashore
Etched in mind
as cold reflections
of days and nights
Dreams living
in the sands of time
washing us away

What of ever after
and fabrics
still to weave
Forgotten looms
spooling into clothes
Cotton woven
sizes to be worn
Measures on the way
As straight and narrow
winding roads
Left threadbare
to reclaim

Image: http://www.c82.net/work/?id=41


11 thoughts on “Would I Dream

  1. I read this several times, letting it settle into my heart. There is divinity in the unexpected weaves that come when we are busy weaving something else….is that the art of letting go of expectations? ❤ for you my lovely friend and thank you for a beautiful piece.. xx

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