5 thoughts on “Unconquered

  1. Oh Pete, what a mess after all these years. I feel they will get their independence after the latest events UK wise. There may well be a move for lots of English to live in Scotland, then watch the sparks fly. ❤ xX

  2. I had to look up Hadrian’s wall.

    The Romans wanted to keep out those Barbarians from northern Britain. It’s ironic that we Americans trace our heritage to the Brits. I guess no matter what you do to prevent it, you can’t keep the goodness of one people from influencing and elevating the bad despite their walls.

    Michael J

    • Walls and fences I do not think make good neighbors. They say the Great Wall of China was to keep people in… Perhaps Hadrian’s wall was simply an exercise to keep the legions busy so far from Rome. Little by little to soldiers melted into the region were they spent most of there lives…

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