Wise we were
to think
all the whys
of creation
melting in the sun

Before our eyes
could see
the shadows
of a black sun
we were emptied

Vessels on a sea
of life
set sail to know
where love
was born

Leaving bliss for joy
or a sadness carried
on the wind
cottonwood seeking
new earth


9 thoughts on “Cottonwood 

      • Yes, all is well. This particular poem is quite poignant for us here in the Rockies as we have many Cottonwoods. When driving through the flatlands, one can always tell from a distance where the creeks and rivers run by the stands of Cottonwoods. They do like water…

      • I only recently realized where all the “fuzz” comes from, in the Northeast they are hidden in the dense forests. I’ll look closer at the creeks next spring. My favorite along watershed here is the Sycamore

      • I LOVE Sycamores! Their bark is so wonderfully variegated. We planted one in our yard and it flourishes here, although it is not native to the area. Our Sycamore seems like a very stalwart tree…

      • Yes, they are very hardy. Ive seen them lining streets in Queens, NY. They do thrive near water though, always rising above the others along the creeks here. I’m in upstate NY, not far from the Adirondacks

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