What evermore

Would dreaming asleep be better than waking
Or waking to find dreams still behold
The classroom of reason given to reign
Through thought forms of empty desire


5 thoughts on “What evermore

      • I’m still hoping for the US or the UK but you never know where life will take you to 🙂 Wherever it may be, I’m looking forward to that adventure 🙂 hope you are doing fine? I missed out a lot 😦

      • UK has tough immigration laws these days, so a sponsor would help. Many come to the US through Canada, but if you get a research project that could help. But you are right, it is what it is / will be. I’ve been reading more than writing lately, and working at home with my hands … Hope you are well too!

      • I’m fighting for funding from here, that would easen it regarding immigration laws and I’d be free to lead my own project, but I think this will take some months, if not even a year.

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