Where we fell


What gates to hell were thrown open
East of Eden
Where serpents slithered in the grass
and branches of fruit trees
waiting to be picked
or bitten in return

What knowledge is so sacred
we should be forsaken its truth
the memory of longing runs deep
where blood stains the rivers
and essence is draining from life

Take all the laughter
children are playing
adult games and wishing they were
Then finding pretending
was more fun than the living
inside the mortgage of life

Eat of the fruit, drink all the wine
knowledge is not to be kept
Dreams so uncertain
are reasons for living
the days and nights as the stars

would fall to their ending
and beginning again
take a walk in the Garden of Earth
Filling the senses
with mem’ries of dreams
writing rings in the seasons
of life

Photo: Google Images – http://fineartamerica.com


5 thoughts on “Where we fell

  1. Intriguingly wonderful poem, thank you Grandfather.
    Inspired by your words…my thoughts….
    Earth’s garden…
    with fruit so ripe…
    juicy and robust…
    choices before us…
    wrong or right…
    contrast so we…
    can see the light…
    where we can grow,
    learn to love…
    to appreciate serenity
    and grace…
    as we prepare to
    re-enter Heaven’s gate.
    ♥ Angi

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