Divine Sparks


Photo by gfs – Maui Morning Rainbow

Life in this realm is about being a conscious creator. We are given consciousness as divine sparks to mimic the greater creation. To know and to understand creativity, and connection with the realm, so that we may have the opportunity to expand the universe through the creation of ourselves and our world. Our spheres of influence … Life and death are not the meaning, conscious creation is …

4 thoughts on “Divine Sparks

  1. Absolutely. I always believed (well, since becoming a believer) we were given “consciousness as divine sparks to mimic the” Creator. An old post:

    “Even if you don’t believe we bear the image of God in a way plants and animals do not, you have to listen to what our communicative capacity says about personhood…Not only speech, but also art, allow us to mark our personal identity and broad humanness. I express myself through the writing and my music. Others paint, dance. God is known as the Living Word by which He spoke all things into life. We bear this divine image in the ways we speak our verbal, visual, physical art. In the artistic procreation, we do more than transmit energy, breathe, even learn. We birth something of beauty.”

    • I have read recently that we are not here to find our life’s purpose, but rather to create it. My discoveries are synchronistic, and I am lead from teacher to teacher even while absorbed in one another comes forward with a word or two. The creator would not set this word in motion, with all our divine sparks a part of it, knowing the outcome. Consciousness says that we are creating a future of our own creation, in ways unique to each and every mind… Yes, in music, poetry, painting, creating literature, children, lifting a starving kitten from a dumpster – Are we not creation! The choice is ours as to what we do with our sacred blood.Thank you for sharing. Many blessings for this solstice season …

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