Dust off

Thought I would share this post here for this Veteran’s Day – Wishing all those who served a blessed day with friends and family, prayers and memories for all those who did not return …


A far away forgotten land,
lost in time and space,
was where we came to know the heart,
and where we fell from grace;

Gone within the twinkling eye,
that long ago before.
A mothers tears were turned to dust,
as sons went off to war.

Laughter echoed from the men,
in pools of blood they knelt.
Their mercies stolen from their youth,
and madness all they felt.

Life was leaving them behind,
at home there lived their love.
A dust off carried wounds away,
ascending with the dove.

They cried alone in inky night,
and carried what they will.
The jungle ate its fill of flesh,
and there they wander still.

I recently read Tim O’Brien’s book “The Things they Carried” and have seldom felt so affected by one man’s story. His honesty is tempered by his own realization that the memories he still carries are the things his…

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