Yin and Yang


Dreams may come as the light in days
falls into darkness again
These rounds of heaven and earth
will remain a rising and falling

Let there be light –
Sunrise, the words spoken again
Forever echoing across the waters
Separating nightfall from day
Dreams departing

Entering new realms
Dew settles into the dawn
Thought made into words
Ringing in our ears
Awareness of present tense

A Song of Solomon
or Lucifer wielding his flame
What confluence of sounds
As the light bearer illumines the way
Knowledge of the fall

From grace what bliss had known
Gave up its heaven
For an earthly solace
Choice and reasons
Coming to be under shadows of the son

Enter life’s season
Living apart from the truth
Sense separates self
Light within darkness remains
Opposites seeking the center

Image: http://www.ourtuts.com/forced-perspective-photography/


6 thoughts on “Yin and Yang

  1. Badly needed this boost of faith..
    &the closure will echo through my soul till a time I can’t find in any closer calendar…

    ….Miss your positive energy more than any word of missing can say..

    Peace & Light

      • I’m safe; thanks for asking.
        It’s just that I’m having a full agenda that I can neither escape nor reorganize to have some free time to be around those I love..
        But you’re always on mind

        Glad I’ve stopped by you today.

        Peace & Light

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