Under world


Were we ever
so broken
where we came to be
lost in a time
far away
deep was the darkness
solemn the dreams
seems no matter
how far
we will search
would not cut
the darkness
of worlds

This was the night
where the soul
never was
or meant
to find harbor
to call home
here was no shelter
or wind
within seasons
leaving hearts
still withholding
letting go
was this life
all of these reasons
for the fall

from some garden
some shelter
from storms
where forever
was found
east of Eden
not far from Rome
to roam
lost horizons
the spaces still wait
waves of reason
settled the ways
and means
gave forgiveness
to be
our only
our own
for someday
some season
to come

into loves
of living entwined
in passion
the full moon
will rise
as a silvery sun
just the same
‘neath the waves
as another
comes round
what thought
left today
into night
for the seeker
to rest
suns setting
in silence

Photo: ‘Atlantis Sunset’ by gfs

3 thoughts on “Under world

      • Thank you for your beautiful comment on the new poem. I am experiencing so much peace and joy from faith and closeness to God, truly I cannot say that I am the same person that I was one year ago…how amazing this transformation is; challenging-that is the nakedness…the emptiness of everything that I “own” or “wish” or “treasure” so that I have space to receive the real eternal treasure, so bliss, but not easy….love to you, Linda

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