Marry Me

I have written many poems and commentaries about War and Peace … This perspective is one we should all consider before we rush off into our day, or lay our head on a warm pillow to sleep. We create beauty from the soul of life …


9 thoughts on “Marry Me

    • Maryrose- it is rare that we get to hear the perspective of those touched by human conflict. There must be a million more. This story touches the heart of life … Thank you … Peter

      • I agree…I read it several times and marked it to go back again…so many facet to her story, I think many will relate in some way….it is a powerful energy to feel, and needless to say but I will anyhow, she is very gifted writer…
        again Thank you for sharing
        Hope you have a good weekend…
        Take Care…you Matter…

  1. Oh Peter, I experienced war and the daily fear, but not like this. Her beautiful soul shines through and yes, this is happening somewhere every day. ❤

      • Fear…ohhh to live without fear. Love will win out…. I am watching the fluffy clouds sails across the sky as I write this. An earth, sun and sky that we all share, all of us connected. ❤ xXx

      • Watched a video recently and in it was a statement of how the trees, through their leaves and roots, connect the sky with the earth – what a beautiful thought – I see then differently now …

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