Rhythm of Love


Healing the heart
Beats a rhythm of love
Breath shared with all
Their circles the same
Each learning how
The everlasting now
Is ours to hold
As forever folds
Its creases
pressed in time


7 thoughts on “Rhythm of Love

    • I was at a Spiritual Conference yesterday and we were going over mediumship, channeling. automatic writing. I jotted this down in that session and then refined it some. I get a lot that comes through lately, more than I ever have. I am careful to to change the context of what I get, but rather to give i color and meaning … Isn’t that what art really is anyway?
      Thanks 😉

      • I was going to ask where your inspiration has be coming from so I really appreciate that you shared this info. I feel like I’m getting hit with a lot of random stuff, but it feels like you have a better sense of direction in what you’ve been writing. I admit to a touch of envy! (((hugs)))

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