The Nature of Reality

spiral rose
Poetry is so much easier to for me to write than prose, for in prosaic writing, there needs to be a concise form of words, so that the author’s mind blends accurately with the mind of the reader, regardless of the contrast of thought and the consequences it invokes or evokes.I had thought of using the title “Really?” but felt it was vague, and probably better for a poem, so The Nature of Reality will do nicely.
I haven’t got this pegged yet, but I do have some thoughts I would like to share, and if you dare, then meditate on them and see if they hold true for you.
I suppose I should begin with science, and the scientific view of the nature of reality, which is – Nature – and the natural world as viewed through the senses – which is where it ends. Now, science will reflect on the world through the process of thought, it will analyze what is sees, measures, hears, and smells, but will not allow the aspect of thought, often confused with mind, to influence its outcomes other than it being a chalkboard on which it reduces its findings to the lowest common denominator for publication. That’s not to say one wouldn’t receive an argument over that fact, but the truth is, in general, according to modern science if it can’t be measured it doesn’t exist, so using that perspective I might be drawn to conclude that thought does not exist …
There are flaws in my argument, and I would only feel well received if I got feedback attesting to that fact, so let’s continue and ‘see’ if we can find our way down into and then out of the proverbial Rabbit Hole – for in truth it does exist! Lewis Carroll was on the right track even if his story seems an absurd fairy tale, the reader, as Alice, needs to take a look at the nature of their own reality, and check it against the stories reality, and is given the opportunity to decide where truth lives, and where it lies. In a similar light Carlos Castanedas in A Separate Reality reflects on our human experience as a dream, and takes the reader on journeys as real as if they were happening right here, right now, except they all take place within the mind, or do they?  Time after time, journeying into the separate reality Carlos Castanedas returns to himself as changed as if he had journeyed across the Himalayas to a Tibetan monastery spending long hours in ascetic meditation and prayer, where thought and experience changes his perspective of reality.
spiral galaxy
There is no right answer here, there is only perspective, and it is important to understand the nature of the word. A perspective is the viewpoint of the observer, the place where one receives information that will be distilled into the nature of their reality. I had occasion recently speaking with a first grade student to be gifted with her their perspective on the letter g. We discussed at length why the hook of the letter had to go left instead of right. My answer being that we need a way, a set of standards, so that when we communicate we can understand that we are all talking about the same thing. In that regard the nature of reality, is simply a set of standards we can all use in order to commune – icate while experiencing what we call life expression through our physical self, in our bodies.
It would seem then that the nature of reality is the reflection of experience accepted within our individual psyches in order to establish a common language in order that we may understand one another, and our intentions through experience in the light. What we accept should be considered a broad generality of common goals and aspirations, and not a hard and fast ruler that allows no other set of measures, for without the experience of abstraction, without the ability of our thought and our mind to view an ever expanding whole, then we are at odds with the universe around us. One that never stands still, never remains the same, and least of all never accepts what is, against the perspective of all that could be … there is no such thing infinity plus one …
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Note: This blog entry started out with a thought, and I soon came to realize that a discussion of the nature of reality would require a volume if not more, so perhaps this is where it begins. Thank you all for your patience…


4 thoughts on “The Nature of Reality

  1. Our reality is ever changing and I see it as energy. There are sparks ever flowing in that energy and words of others, can hold sparks that ignite our own words. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on this, as you say, nebulous topic. ❤

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