I wonder


We look across the face of the planet – our Mother Earth – and wonder why we are here doing what we do, and if it has any meaning whatsoever. Or at least we should be. For too long there has been little doubt about the world, hearth, home, family, country, God … we are taught it is all covered, all that needs to be done is to live a good life, take as long as possible to die, and we are assured of eternal life. Period …
In Zen there is a saying “As children we are taught one and one makes two. We learn to be false. One and one makes one”
Let me try to explain –

I dream
and colors come
to sleeping eyes
at the sight
as answers unfold
and waking
set like
the sun

brave souls stood
before the dawn
on a high cliff
at the thought
of living
stepped toward
the abyss
and became

all they willed
wishes made real
dying to know
of the life
the breath
of believing
the shadow
is cast
to the light

time is
the motion
the movement
in sense
is alive

Image: http://www.myhdwallpapers.net/wallpapers/Staring-at-blue-sky-1280×1024.jpg

9 thoughts on “I wonder

  1. wonderful, image and poem and words…why are we here? to serve, to be a gift to this world πŸ˜‰ each be-ING has a different purpose, don’t you think… πŸ™‚ wonderful and well put πŸ™‚ have a happy!!

    • Because we wanted to be here. So many think and feel as if they had no choice, when in reality they chose to be, and continue to build their future with their thinking and their thoughts. Thanks for sharing yours!

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