Divine Intervention


I think it is appropriate considering what transpired on the coast of France 70 years ago today, to talk about Divine intervention as a question that comes to mind in many instances, cases, and places in our lives and human experience.
We are often compelled to ask the question as to whether or not the Divine presence in our world had some input into the circumstances that have come our way in our days and nights.
Stepping back a moment to the origin and the definition: Divine – of, from, or like God or god. Words make things difficult, and what is even harder here is defining God or god. In the Hebrew the word is not spoken, cannot be spoken, hence the use of Yahweh, in the Tao it is said that the Tao that can be spoken of is not the Tao. In Quantum Physics, there is the uncertainty principle, and concepts like Schrodinger’s Cat. So to distill this down into words, is difficult if not impossible, but you, as the reader should be getting the thoughts I am reaching for, formed in your mind by now.
There is an ancient concept that says – Energy follows thought. So along these lines it is not hard to imagine that we as thinkers are directing a significant amount of energy in whatever direction our thought life takes. The simple act of reading this is concentrating energy in a direction that matches the frequency of other readers and creates a harmony in nature, whether we see it or not.
As an example, one of the most magnificent constructs of civilization is the great cathedrals, and all of their smaller byproducts we call churches, and places of worship, as they are literally instruments, including the organ music, that allow us to congregate and direct our thoughts together in one direction. Each person’s thought harmonically magnifying the next, until there is a great confluence of power that can manifest itself in what has been called Miracles. I choose the word harmonically for a reason, and offer the example of the wine glass shattered by the the voice or a sound amplified and directed at it. It is a physical example of the principle of harmony, although in this case it is destructive, not constructive.
Do our thoughts then have power, and given that question what do they have to do with divine intervention, and the choices we have in our life? It should be well known to you that this is a free will universe, and with that, should come the understanding that divine intervention, needs to be qualified in relation to our wills, against the background of the will of God.
So with these statements of fact, I have to leave you, the reader to draw your own conclusions, lest I create controversy, and distract form the intent of this message. Is there divine intervention in our lives, or do we create it with our thoughts.
One picture sticks in my mind from my youth; Watching the movie War of the Worlds, based on the HG Wells story. As the world is being shattered by the Martian invasion and there seems no hope left anywhere, what we see are cathedrals and churches packed with people, all united in a prayer for deliverance from this destructive, conquering power. Not long after, the Martians begin to fall, and the Earth is delivered.
A real life example I saw recently on the news was a school teacher in Moore, Oklahoma during the destruction that took place there in 2013. She was sheltering with her children, and during the moments of the storm’s most intense fury, cried out – Enough! This has to end now! And it did. Was this divine intervention, and was this divine intervention a construct of the harmonic power of thought?
…In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God…

Image: http://classic–movies.blogspot.com/2011/06/war-of-worlds.html

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