echoes in time


in drifting desert sand
dunes have rippled
for eternity
questions carved
in stone
as sunbeams
of gods
among us

rainforests hide
the scars
terrible sacrifice
in lunar shadows
greyed monsters
took maidens forsaken
giving up
their hearts

shadows of time
skyfalls and floods
revolts and circles
leave mysteries
beyond our sight
intuition supposes
where we’ve been
forevermore again


2 thoughts on “echoes in time

  1. I am listening to Hans Zimmermans “Light” as I read and re-read your thoughts…
    gives it a haunting feeling as one listens to the echoes of time…
    I really like the stanza, the sun comes and goes as I right this and my hands get covered with the Shadows of the trees outside my window…, your words, the shadows and the music is very surreal to me
    Thank You for sharing the experience…I enjoyed it
    Take Care…..You Matter………

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