wind in the pines

VT Pine forest

I hear words whispered in the pines
their message comes from eons past
no questions are posed, nothing to sell
just a voice in my hair that finds its way
to my soul without thinking
I wonder and wander with the wind
she holds my heart present in the sun
shows me the way home
where the seas and the winds rest
gently as neap tides in May
or the fragrance of life
in the shade of an Apple tree

Inspired by :

Photo courtesy of Google Images

7 thoughts on “wind in the pines

  1. there is barely a breeze through the trees as I sit and watch the rain….
    I would love some pine trees in my view here..maybe one day…
    Beautiful GrandFatherSky….calmness within the words and a stillness in bewteen the lines
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Take Care…You Matter…

  2. I love this — beautifully expresses my thoughts as I feel the energy of the pines around our home in the Rocky Mountains. I love the sound of their voices as they catch the wind from a distance and travel along as if in a crescendo.

      • Thank you gfs — Colorado does sing a chorus. I can only imagine what it sounds like in the forests of MA. Hope you have a happy and blessed Memorial Day holiday. 🙂

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