Hours and Ours

IMG_0443.JPG (2)

Sometimes all we have are hours,
and what we keep is ours …

Heart beats knew the notes
the story love has told
in words from ever after
and time as hours parted

The songs then given voice
days long past and night falls
of all the ways and means
the lovers came to know

Souls between the sheets
and words unspoken felt
colors wrapped in eyes unveiled
hands folded into prayer

Held on to the longing
as if a breath could end
that ever present endlessness
of all there ever was

Through seasons of a mourning sun
and winds through evergreens
whispering the Spirit’s name
heard beneath their last embrace

Image: from van Gogh at Arles – Courtesy of Google images


6 thoughts on “Hours and Ours

      • Doing well; I have been occupied with writing and illustrating full time on my manuscript on overcoming bullying. I hope to publish it by mid-summer. I have also been doing a bit more life coaching.

        I have neglected my blog and, consequently, my blogging friends…but each of you have been on my mind. I hope all is well with you. Your poetry always moves my soul and I wish to designate more time to visit your blog regularly. 🙂

  1. simply….beautiful….
    Thank you for sharing ….I like it very much
    Take Care…You Matter…

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