dancing was theirs
and dreams became
warm wishes found
in lives beyond
risen from hollows
right as the rain
moments to memories

likeness in living
always to be
another heart enters
the dream
held to the bosom
of nature’s unfolding
flowers have come
to be born

star seeds will glisten
into the morning
doves will awaken
the light they became
hearts willing answers
away from no time
and open the door
to the sun


eye saw through

I felt the morning fog
burning off
with the rising
noon day sun
and on the wind
came a fragrance
of jasmine
and you

what made me tremble
chilled to the bone
melted away
as my thoughts
soon revolved
around the memory
of bare feet
and tidal pools

seabirds on the wind
drifting and calling
to one another
opened my heart
to the song
the moment
our eyes
saw through

These are the way
to the depths
of the soul
the life
left surrounding
its dream



Take a breath
Hold this moment
In your heart
In your hand
and remember
How it felt
to be together
Knowing the ache
Free, feeling
dreaming and waking
Realizing life
as a breath
and a heartbeat
Love given
and taken
Memories forever
and still
Echoes of hands
long held
and walks
long remembered
Sunsets passing
into time
Glorious, glorious
time …


Thinking vs Destiny

S Dali  - Clocks

Delight in being
this we will see
Is the moment of passing
through time
Each hour of crossing
far from the river
Turns into days
carried endlessly through

Time long remembered
somewhere is waiting
All of the reasons
sought to become
A message behind us
lost in the darkness
Passed on the road
of coming to be

Pleasure or pain
is promised to no one
The ways and the means
are here to reveal
All of our thoughts
given expression
Manifest moments
will wake into days

Suns are burning
toward this forever
Eternity always
a moment away
Somewhere a garden
Eden is waiting
As thinking and destiny
learn to be free

Image: Courtesy of Google Images

wind in the pines

VT Pine forest

I hear words whispered in the pines
their message comes from eons past
no questions are posed, nothing to sell
just a voice in my hair that finds its way
to my soul without thinking
I wonder and wander with the wind
she holds my heart present in the sun
shows me the way home
where the seas and the winds rest
gently as neap tides in May
or the fragrance of life
in the shade of an Apple tree

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Hours and Ours

IMG_0443.JPG (2)

Sometimes all we have are hours,
and what we keep is ours …

Heart beats knew the notes
the story love has told
in words from ever after
and time as hours parted

The songs then given voice
days long past and night falls
of all the ways and means
the lovers came to know

Souls between the sheets
and words unspoken felt
colors wrapped in eyes unveiled
hands folded into prayer

Held on to the longing
as if a breath could end
that ever present endlessness
of all there ever was

Through seasons of a mourning sun
and winds through evergreens
whispering the Spirit’s name
heard beneath their last embrace

Image: from van Gogh at Arles – Courtesy of Google images

Shades of Living


Time may be a friend indeed
not all as it would seem
Life revealing destinies
as distance fades into the dream

Rounds revolving, years become
a memory of touch we knew
Hands to hold, hearts to love
and distant days we long outgrew

So surely night will fall again
suns rise to a new day
Still present tense is ours to keep
and in each moment we shall stay

Forever in the dream of life
Our once forgotten journey came
Into this essence long to be
Our Spirit still the same

Image by gfs