The Highwayman


Redux for a friend –

Dedicated to David D. Volturno who left this world doing what he loved on Jan 31, 2014 …

The Highwayman

He liked the smell of gasoline
burning oil mixed with the wind
following the open road
into horizons lost to him

Always there’s another road
that leads into a setting sun
offering its own reminders
of where the riders day has gone

Again the darkness grips the day
he’s rolling on into the night
this undaunted rider lingers
seeking purpose, lost in flight

Running from a haunted past
one that chose him, not the same
as what he would have wanted there
just a rook within the game

Shadows in the headlight dance
as if some spirit follows whole
a gilded knight dressed for battle
come to save the heart he stole

He’d been cut in many fights
and he had fallen hard and fast
felt wind that ripped at every stitch
with hands made hard by winters blast

Never mind for what he wanted –
was there ever hope to find?
No answers to the reasons why
his leaving here felt so unkind

This highwayman is bound for home
free from where these roads will bend
his distant echoes hold onto hearts
where in the light they’ll meet again

Image: Courtesy of his family


7 thoughts on “The Highwayman

  1. my thoughts go out to you Peter…and his family
    your words whisper of a deep love yet battle within life..
    such beauty within the sadness someone gone when we aren’t ready for that.
    May he always ride the winds now with the love he deserves…
    Take Care…You Matter…

  2. O, but what a joy his family holds in knowing that he passed doing what he loved…….few have the comfort that brings. When we have fallen from the heavens, let us recall the sound of wings. Blessings….

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