The River of Light

Orion Nebula

far beyond where dreams become
our sacred journey in the night
past a star swept Milky Way
thought flows within a stream of light

and in its course there comes to be
all that ever was or willed
now finds its essence here in form
desire clothed in thought fulfilled

has come to bear the witness of
life eternal in the mind
reflecting in this light of love
the truth forever came to find

within the heart we live again
and shall abiding always know
the light within the river bends
into each lifetime’s afterglow



13 thoughts on “The River of Light

    • Yes, your are correct. It seems no matter how many time we read our work the words in our mind and the ones in black and white often differ, even though they appear the same … Thank you for noticing and commenting!

  1. Beautifully written, Peter! And I resonate with the content.
    (Sorry I’m so behind with blog reading – lots of catching up to do with you and everyone else. Thank you for landing on my blog today – I’ve missed you. Did you get moved yet? Hope all went well!)

    • Betty – I’ve been behind as well, mostly catching up in the evenings when I am done with the housework. Yes, we are moved and settling in, but I think I have about 2 years worth of work to make it our own, but it is where we want to be. I’ll be publishing a new collection soon. Working on the details now. Hope all is well by you too! All the best, Peter

      • Peter, very glad to hear the hard part is over with the move. Sounds like you’re in a place you like!
        Keep me posted when your new collection is published. That’s a lot of work also. (I’ve been wanting to put something together into a small book or two but currently lack the resources. Hopefully someday!)
        Best regards!

  2. Your closure has made Sir Gibran’s words echo through my memory:
    “We wanderers ever seeking the lonelier way, begin no day where we have ended another & no sunrise finds us where left by sunset. Even while the earth sleeps we travel.
    We are the seeds of that tenacious plant & it is in our ripeness and our fullness of heart that we are given to the wind to be scattered.”

    By the way I’ve missed your profoundness.
    Love & Light

    • Mira! So good to hear your voice. I have been changing up my life. Left my current job, relocated to be closer to family with all the extra work to go along. I continue to grow and will be certain to keep sharing. I so love the words of Gibran. Love and Light always – Peter

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