places in our memories


there are places we remember
times or days in memory
others knowing where we stood
and all the ways we came to be

life is lessons some will say
learning always of the changes
distant days await their new dawn
leaves across the turning pages

open to another story
seasons of a life to live
not so far away in time
another memory to give

away for free the colors still
paint the distant way we loved
the company of strangers blessing
all the days we’re dreaming of

Photo by gfs – Independence Pass near Aspen, CO


14 thoughts on “places in our memories

  1. …a reverie of keen softness, a glow into the gentle side to time’s passing….could be a creed on how to be…..welcome back……..destiny is sweeter with you and your thoughtful words turning time with us……

    • One of our favorite vacation spots. This year we got there as the colors were peaking. Around every corner was a more amazing vista. It’s hard not to take a great picture in Colorado. I miss John Denver – Thanks for the comment – Peter

      • I’m glad you like to vacation out here, Peter. It is beautiful. I love it. I recently posted some pictures we took of the aspens peaking up in the high country and in contrast a heavy snow at home. If you’re interested you can search on my site for the post called “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.

        I miss John Denver, too, and his music and as an advocate for the environment and nature. His music will live on. There’s a park in Aspen, John Denver Sanctuary, where the boulders are etched with the lyrics to his songs (

      • Hello Peter, I am so glad your move has gone well. I have just moved and yes, chores to do every day…we are getting there though and I hope you are too. It’s a busy time of year anyway! Much love coming across The Pond to you. Xx

  2. beautiful words you whisper…
    I love Colorado…I miss John Denver….*sigh*
    Take Care….You Matter…
    nice to see you….

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