Outside the lines


We think …
The borders of our lives
Define the reasons we became
And learned to stand our ground
As if forgiveness would remain
When given without measure

We speak …
The words of certainty
The ones we’re taught to learn
Phrases past and present still
Rewards enough to earn
Our grades in some degree

We feel …
The days of future passed
Into the dream now come to be
Not without imagining
The will our soul set free
Into the light of love

We love …
The way the heart can feel
And speak the words of truth
Awakened with the dawn
To live within the proof
A self same destiny

Image: http://highpointepreschool.com/preschool.htm


2 thoughts on “Outside the lines

  1. Eloquent poem, Peter. Makes me reflect on my own growing up, schooling, the norms we’re taught. It’s true, we must finally (hopefully) learn to think for ourselves and choose our own “self same destiny”.

    • This was inspired by something on In Blue’s blog ‘Make Believe Boutique’ – got me thinking about how we grow, and how we absorb our program, when in fact we are the one who can write it if we choose … Thanks for taking a moment to share your thoughts – Peter

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