color forms


lazy days of summer sun
painting lawns Kentucky blue
reminding hearts of long ago
and warmer days of me and you

morning thought it heard a voice
perhaps an echo in the mind
as pictures from the night recede
and waking moments come to find

the floor will rise to meet my feet
and know the days reflections seem
like memories just out of reach
and lights that washed away the dream

still always dreams will find a way
as flower blooms from summer storms
called by light from other worlds
creating perfect color forms


Ebony waking


streams of rising suns begin
where dew drops glisten still
an empty cup of waiting stone
with ebony and clouds to fill

the dreamers empty head returns
and sipping learns the light of day
has waited at the garden gate
for travelers to pass this way

into the streets we pave with gold
the sacrifice of native sons
their blood the dew upon the grass
drained to where the river runs

rushing ever out to sea
the greatest of them all
lies the lowest to receive
all creatures great and small