Once upon a time


Once upon a far off land
across a sea so far and deep
There I came to know a name
written on my soul to keep

Ne’er a thought had ever crossed
these regions of the mind
Could have ever given pause
to whom I was to find

Not lost in some embarrassment
nor taken by another will
Her’s a place there written softly
in indigo as stars stood still

In canopies of heaven’s grace
a violet sparkled spacious sky
Forgave the heart of discontent
from one whose dreams sailed by

Exotic ports of call forgotten
longing for a storm tossed sea
A ships wheel lashed before the main
stood watch within her mystery

Forever wind shall call their names
and harbors beckon calling home
The ones who dare set sail toward
those destinies they roam

Image: http://www.askart.com/AskART/artists/search/Search_Repeat.aspx?searchtype=IMAGES&artist=103480

Now is forever


Tell me a story
Make me feel
All of your magic
Made real

In hands to hold
Spells to cast
Lightning and thunder
Not future or past

Only a moment
This is our place
Now is forever
Sharing the grace

Of lifetimes in love
Ever to find
The light of the heart
Alive in the mind

Image: Coral Castle, Homestead, FL. – gfs

Warms the Heart


Feelings melt
like winter snow
as water washes
earth again
By a north wind
life returning
ice surrenders
warms the sun

Grasses turning
brown to green
and leaves left lying
in the yard
A March wind carries
into valleys
not far away
from where you are

Skin that shivered
in cold November
feels the tropic
breeze begin
To fill the days
with memories
of daffodils
and April rain

Solstice seasons
will await us
tender nights
where crickets call
To lovers waiting
in the garden
where tulips bulbs
will worship sol

And soon before
August embers
light the skies
with fireflies
Hearts will hasten
to their bidding
alight reflecting
summer moons

Image: http://www.touchofart.eu/en/Maria-Roszkowska/mro20-Spring-melting-snow/



Rescued from another time
a message written in the lines
across the blaze of reason toward
the echoes still to find

Somewhere in another place
where hearts together find their song
refrain into a solemn purpose
to which we all belong

Not beyond a time or season
or far off distant world we lost
within this present place we stand
considering the cost

Of all we dared let come to be
when letting go of paradise
to wander to hereafter days
spread on wings into the skies

Image: by gfs

Ties that bind

Tuscany Courtyard for Alex

Once was a day
A moment to find
All places do pass
when leaving behind

For days in between
Love letters we send
A word or a touch
Of parchment and pens

Not many remain
Where suns have set
From youth and its traces
We’ll never forget

These are the ties
Toasted with wine
Forever pours out
binding through time

Image: http://harmonart54.blogspot.com/2010_08_01_archive.html



Living legends lost in time
what reasons will remain
those who live, those who die
none are e’er the same

Life shall always lead
hearts forever toward the soul
their destiny remaining
wills leaning toward the goal

Earth returns to earth
dust swirls into dust
jewels adorn the crown
and iron melts to rust

Names as sounds are carried
e’er on the wind through ages
the blood of men will nourish
our scriptures faded pages

In myths of time beyond
the memories of man
people and their places
as deserts shifting sand

Washes through our lives
whatever shall become
the best we have to give
shall be our destiny undone

Image: http://fishy2me.blogspot.com/2012/02/excalibur-rule-to-defend-what-can.html



many rivers to cross
and lifetimes to gather
into our hearts
all within matter

the dreams of creation
have come from the light
forever was longing
to be freed from the night

as sacred emotion
felt love in the dawn
is restless to wander
into the storm

again for the eye
to mirror the soul
sharing expressions
out breathing the goal

from another dimension
now frozen in time
voices unheard of
will live in our rhyme

Image: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/045/7/2/nebula_skies_5_by_welshdragon-d39jbmc.jpg