passing away


there came a passing
wind through my hair
wonder on my mind
and there were tears

souls retreat we know
they come and go from us
always thought believes –
feelings heal with time

knowing these half truths
stillness of the heart
reminds me of tomorrow
and of yesterday

days are gone now
always twilight passes
and forevers are etched
on the places remaining

shedding the skin
leaves behind all the sin
life takes us along
and away in the end

some will remain
though never the same
for lives we have touched
planted seeds of change

– If there is sadness in this, it’s meant to be there. I got the news of John’s passing today, he battled hard they say, for life, yet he gave the world life through children, friendships, colleagues, who will never be the same because of him, because of the way he lived, and the way he died. As much as we know the departed have left us for a better place, that their destiny is fulfilled, there is a sadness because as Jon Donne said ‘every mans death diminishes me’ and in the cases like John’s not only because I was involved in mankind, but because we were involved in each other’s work … – gfs