Witness to War

Anyone who knows me, or has been following this blog for a period of time, will recognize that this title today is a subject that strikes deep into my heart, and I would even say soul.

I never heard of Janine diGiovanni before today, I came upon this talk while following another link, and found it full of understandings I have read from others; Greg Braden, talks about being the witness to wars, Nicholas Taleb stated in his book ‘The Black Swan’ that when war broke out in Lebanon people thought it would only last six months, Plato said, only the dead have seen the end of war …
Although she does not speak of him in this talk, whenever I hear of the Bosnian War I am reminded of the Cellist of Sarjevo, who regularly sat in public playing his Cello, defying the snipers who were laying siege to the city.
Please take ten minutes and listen to this woman and mother speak as a witness to war, she speaks for the silent ones, who so truly deserve our attention.