On my first day of English class in 10th grade, the very first thing our teacher, Mrs. Leo, asked us to do was to write our epitaph. Well, even though I could write poetry that people seemed to like, I was not well read at the time and I had no idea what an epitaph was. Being a little shy (little?) about asking what it meant, so as not to look like a dummy, I just sat there and wrote nothing, acting indignant that she would ask a question that ‘I’ couldn’t understand. Well, as you can tell the moment has been carried with me for all these years, and I have considered it many times since then (after I looked up the word). I wrote the following words in 1975 on the last page of my first journal, and honestly I still think I’d like this to be my epitaph:

The Cusp of Scorpio

Love, lost, living
Time, and
time again.
What we gain
is learning
What we lose
is pain.

Strength with
strength unfolds
Long, within our
The Light so dim
Within our
The Love
so everlasting …

Oct 23, 1975