Light of the Heart


Tell me a story
Make me feel
All of your magic
Made real

In hands to hold
Spells to cast
Lightning and thunder
Not future or past

Only a moment
This is our place
Now is forever
Sharing the grace

Of lifetimes in love
Ever to find
The light of the heart
Alive in the mind





when I fell from some great height
who was there to see and feel
a soul into a waiting heart
alive, becoming, what is real?

words were wrapped in wonderment
tender ‘neath the veil of tears
breathing into what becomes
the music of the spheres

all we ever shall become
or ever knew could ever be
reflecting in the sunlit day
the Spirit into life set free

the spark upon the alter of
the living God we willed
the presence of divinity
became the life fulfilled

round again love will cross
e’er until the breathing in
returns to rest forever more
where light begins again


Shadows of our souls

stonehenge shadows
Love and light the essence brings
Cast roses on the sweet refrain
Through fragile roots and weathered hands
This moment in the sun became

The shadows of our souls within
The presence of our living breath
The rhythm of the hearts true will
Now buried in the depth

Of every ancient stone unturned
Has writ within creations word
The message soon revealed to trust
In parables unheard

By ears attuned with the dark
Which claim to see the light
Soars within its memory
On wings unknown to flight

Where we were and where we are
Are questions pondered ever still
Their answers found within the night
When love aligns with will


stardust and dreams


snow falling leaves a hush in the eve’ng
lying there outside of life in a dream
a time before ever their moments too few
a place far away from any they knew

crystals fall glistening light leaves its mark
cloudy the north star hides in the dark
finding the traveler lost on the way
wonders where sun will rise into the day

what ebony sky has flowed from this start
the closeness of love has held them apart
moon glow and crescents remembered to say
has life’s waters flowing lead them astray

such was the night when diamonds fell down
painted the white that covered the sound
left there a meaning to wonder forever
how stardust and dreams brought them together

Image: Courtesy Google Images