beaches, footprints in shifting sands
water flowing through our lives
there are loves we know and knew (still behold)
the story of our soul, written into light
(destiny revealed)
what was the course we took (star crossed)
wondering why, still knowing it is written
in stardust, across deserts (and dynasties)
what were the words, what tongue was spoken
the last time the sun faded (far horizons)
sinking into the west, into a sea (of dreams)
life passes, love endures, unfolds (again and again)
I hold on to the night (shadows, dreaming)
of forests primeval, dark and deep (unforgiving)
cold rain, chills to the bone and shivers
unstuck in time, fear and a fever (wake me)
what time is it? where in time is this?
what place becomes me now
(settled back into life)
to hold onto breath (once more)
I sigh, and with it whisper (a word)
eons of time echo (your name …)

Image: Malibu beach by gfs – 2012