The Blame Game

Is your story a Comedy or Tragedy, this is what I want to know … Honestly I could say it is probably a little of both, depending on where you are in life, and what you choose to believe.

I am sure everyone has heard the expression – “We can’t choose our parents” … To be truthful, my research (and my intuition) tells me otherwise. That we actually do choose our parents, and that we get everything we want out of life, both because and in spite of it. Pause a moment and reflect, even the most ardent agnostic has to admit there is now some very compelling (physical) evidence that there is intelligent design going on in this universe, and that Homo Sapiens is one of the ultimate examples of it.

So why do we play the blame game? First of all it is what we are taught, and by taught I mean programmed to be. Blame is a prime factor in modern life – Look at the Billboards along the highways, the TV adds “INJURED? WE CAN HELP call 1-800-GET-SUED and we will get you everything that is coming to you.” So you see, we are taught to blame others, otherwise we would have to take responsibility for our own actions, our own lives, and that would mean that we were attempting to find our own destiny, to becoming truly hu-man; Spirit-Man.

Dr. Wayne Dyer tells one of the best stories in this regard – He is interviewing a patient and after some number of minutes he tells this person “Stop! I’ve heard enough, what I want you to do is leave now and go and get your mother”, The patient is surprised and asks why?
“Well” he says “I want to get your mother in here so I can straighten her out, and then all of your problems will go away”

And there it is – The perfect example of where we have gotten to. It’s not my fault, it’s my mother’s, or my father’s, or anyone else’s who came along that I let program me, and even though I run the programs, I am not the one who wrote them, so I am not responsible.

Now hear this – it’s a free will universe – I have to tell you that any Computer Professional would not care who wrote the program, if it is defective, it is the owners fault, and the consequences of a faulty program can lead to disciplinary action “up to and including termination”.

Destiny, free will, fate … All words we use to justify our abdication of our own free will in the blame game, when the reality is our destiny is shaped by it. And yes, we make choices from the time we prepare to come into this world, and each and every moment thereafter. So choose wisely. Write your own program, it feels the best to run your own, and there is no one to blame for it but ourselves …

9 thoughts on “The Blame Game

  1. As you know, this is a concept that millions struggle with. I often wonder whether it is the fear of being responsible (and failing) or the fear of NOT failing that holds most in place. For me, one thing is clear – if I don’t ‘own’ it, I can’t change it. If it’s all my mother’s fault, then I’m stuck. Our power is in our willingness to fail, our willingness to break, to cry, to hurt. Blaming someone else allows us to avoid these profound and necessary steps to becoming – to becoming more than a moment of hesitation. Without getting past the briar, we can never expect to bloom. Nicely done. ~ Much ever, Bobbie

  2. Well said, indeed! There are circumstances that befall us that do not seem to be of our choosing, like the economic collapse of 2008. However, we still get to choose what kind of people we will be in the midst of such events. If someone else is truly to blame for everything that goes wrong in our lives, that means that we chose to give them control over us. No matter how you roll the dice, it always comes back to the choices we make… not what others do. This is a good note for ending the old year and starting a new one.

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