A Score of Angels


Yours the smile I will keep
child of innocence you shared
Voices echo stillness here
as all of life has cared

Love was free for us to give
and sacred trust remains
Faith gave to us a moment here
and now the memory refrains

The morning of the kiss you gave
Lingers there your last goodbye
I’ll love you always still you’ll see
with every tear that fills my eye

Your lullabies will always be
a sweet refrain of moments when
I held your tiny hand in mine
and laughter filled the air again

Your smiles will live here on and on
long into my winter days
Before a score of Angels came
and carried you away

Into a better place beyond
the shadows cast long here below
I see you play in crystal gardens
and this I truly know;

Love has brought you home again
as sure as Love brought you to be
A light within our life and home
and now has set you free

And every night a prayer to heaven
in quiet I will call your name
Until the blessed day will come
and there I hold you once again …

Image: http://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/2010/01/02/in-memoriam-arms-of-an-angel/

13 thoughts on “A Score of Angels

  1. beyond the sadness you brought the beauty of remembering …
    to hold in hearts forever until…..

  2. Sky, easily the best poem I have ever read! I have suffered the loss of two young sons, and your poem was a sweet serenade which made me happily shed tears! Beautifully done, i love the whole of what your heart and spirit has shared…God bless always my friend!

    • Wendell – I cannot imagine the depth of your loss … In writing this I wanted to capture what I had seen on news, yet offer a feeling of hope through everlasting love … Thank you, and blessings for the holidays and in the New Year

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