Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook Post Office and dam, from a postcard sent in 1914

Sandy Hook Post Office and dam, from a postcard sent in 1914
Courtesy of Wikipedia

I work 15 minutes from Newtown, CT. I have friends who live in the town there. I live one mile from the home where the Petit family was murdered while we slept, I have witnessed so many tragedies and I have always felt hollow in the aftermath.

There is a heartbreak, and a depth of compassion that wants to reach out and take it all back, make it all go away and give the loved ones their lives back, their sons and their daughters, their fathers and their mothers. Each of us now live as witnesses to this terrible day, and each of us now asks ourselves what would we do, what could we do, if this sort of thing visited us?

In Beyond Zero Point, Greg Braden talks of a time after the murders of 10,000 civilians in Rwanda, and when the news reached him and some friends, there were three very apparent reactions in the aftermath; There was denial from one person, who didn’t really know what to make of it, and just wanted to get back to his life. There was anger – the right vs wrong argument, the “We have to get back at who did this” and “We have to make this stop”.

And the third? There was a willingness in the third person to pause and consider how did we get to this, how did this get started, and what will it take to transcend. What can I do to move past judgement and blame to compassion?

So now, I know I cannot give back what was lost today in Sandy Hook. I can never hurt enough to feel the depth of the loss of those involved in these tragedies. All of us who remain behind have to bear the burden of witness to this day, and ask ourselves what will we do with it.

The brain with it two hemispheres is dualistic in nature and will always see the world from two points of view, in pairs of opposites. What Greg Braden is telling us is we have to transcend the dualism of the brain, and feel the unity that only the heart can bring to us. Unless we reach out with our hearts to transcend blame and judgement, lead with the example of our lives to make the change in the world that we would want to see, then nothing will get better, these days will only continue to be.

My heart and my prayers go out to all those affected today, nothing can erase it from history, yet the heart can embrace the loss and start real healing in our lives, and the lives of all those whom we touch.

Blessings to all in the holiday season, please carry these families in your heart … -gfs

11 thoughts on “Sandy Hook

  1. Beautifully expressed. We truly have come to a terrible place in this world that we have created. I know that anger is an expression of frustration; frustration from not knowing what else to do. However, Only through healing can we help those who suffer most from this terrible event, and only through healing can we possibly prevent more of these events from happening. Healing comes only through the heart, and not through a heart filled with anger, rage, or hatred. Our first concern must be for those affected most by this horrific tragedy. Blessed be, my friend.

  2. Perfect words for such a tragedy. Even though we are all feeling it…the closer someone actually seems to be… (livingwise) to a certain place where something so horrible happened the more intense the loss.
    Though the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning was the grief the people connected must be going through. There really are no words…
    Thank you for this post.

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